Liga MX: ESPN specialists give their predictions for the Clausura 2022 semifinals

We present you the analysis of the ESPN specialists and the forecasts of the Clausura 2022 semifinals

MEXICO.- The Liga MX semifinals are analyzed by a specialist ESPNwhich break down their characteristics for the Clausura 2022 final and give their favorites for the grand finale of the Mexican tournament.

This Wednesday the first leg begins, with the champion Atlas receiving tigerswhile on Thursday América will do the honors to Pachuca, in a duel of teams with a history in the final phase, even in finals.

We present the analysis and forecasts of ESPN specialists on the Clausura 2022 semifinals.

America vs. Pachuca

Raphael Bridge


Strengths: “Especially they are in defensive work. Memo Ochoa’s moment is important, because she has regained her level, after the qualifying period with Mexico. Memo is a leader and provides great security. The recovery of players like Cáceres, Valdés, Sánchez and Aquino is essential. And Fidalgo plays with much more freedom than before and that benefits the team.”

weaknesses: “A bit of its irregularity is in the offensive line. I don’t see it with him punch that perhaps is required, but they have the potential to retrieve it at any time and bring it to light”.

key player: “In the functioning of the team, Diego Valdés, who has recovered the level he had in Santos and who was at some point considered the best element of Mexican soccer.”


Strengths: “The intensity with which he plays is his main strength, in addition to the fact that Nicolás Ibáñez has recovered his level with the arrival of Guillermo Almada; the coach has made him recover the goal and Romario Ibarra has grown, not to mention Víctor Guzmán. Not being dependent on individualities is another point in its favour”.

weaknesses: “Since he has an offensive vocation, sometimes he leaves the spaces and the rival seeks to counterattack him when they take the ball from him; he leaves spaces mainly behind the backs of the wings, and that is where he can be hurt ”.

key player: “On the Pachuca side, everything is more spread out, but I think the key player is ‘Pocho’ Guzmán, because being a midfielder who, in addition to defending, knows how to appear in the area; proof of this is that he ended up as the best Mexican scorer in the league, as he once was”.


“I don’t see America losing the game at the Azteca Stadium, but in the final series I see Pachuca advancing. For América to continue, I think they would have to take an advantage of a couple of goals to reach the strongest Hidalgo.”

Roberto Gomez Junco


Strengths: “He arrives at this double confrontation in a magnificent footballing moment, in full ascent. The two teams are very balanced in their game, trying to start from defensive solidity. They both work very well in midfield and have enormous offensive potential”.

key player: “Memo Ochoa, the best Mexican goalkeeper for a long time.”


Strengths: “His magnificent footballing moment and that has been the best throughout the tournament, the most consistent in his game. He seems to have the advantage in his definition zone, because of Nicolás Ibáñez”.

key player: “Nicolas Ibanez. He is going through his best stage in Mexico, with his enormous goalscoring ability”.


“Perhaps, a large part of the course of this key will be defined according to what Avilés Hurtado and Diego Valdés, the talented in their respective team, do; they are the best game generators. As long as one or the other assumes full responsibility for leading his team’s attacks, he could put them on the path to reaching the final”.

Alvaro Morales


Strengths: “With ‘Tano’ Ortiz, America has the best defense; He defends better than the team did with Santiago Solari. In addition to centering, he attacks inside lanes, shoots from medium and long distance; he produces goals that way. He is productive also from set pieces”.

Key player: Diego Valdes. It has improved in the league”.


Strengths: “It has very good automatisms, with good individualities”.

weaknesses: “The defense. He has allowed a lot of goals in the last two games”.

Key player: “Pocho Guzman. He makes the big play or big goals.”


“America ranks”.

Atlas vs Tigers

Heriberto Murrieta


Strengths: “Clearly they are in attack, but also in goal. Camilo Vargas is an extraordinary guarantee under the three posts”.

weaknesses: “Although it is true that it is a very strong and very complete squad, I think that its weak point, to call it that, is its defense. Also, it seems to me that they have a poor bench, compared to that of Tigres”.

key player: “Without a doubt, his key man will be goalkeeper Camilo Vargas.”


Strengths: “Just like with Atlas, Tigres’ main strengths are up front and in goal. Nahuel Guzmán is also a guarantee. In both teams his strengths are under the goal and in the midfield apparatus forward”.

weaknesses: “The defense would also be his weak point; without being totally weak, it’s not that powerful compared to his attack, in both cases.”

key player: “André Gignac; he must be the figure of his team”.


“This series is very even and in the end I think the Tigres blunderbuss will prevail; they have a better squad and play more openly, proposing and spectacularly with Miguel Herrera than they did with ‘Tuca’ Ferretti”.

Francisco Gabriel deAnda

Strengths: “He is the champion, simply. Perhaps it is the most solid team in defense and defenses win titles; It is even more important than other factors.”

key player: “Julian Quiñones”.


Strengths: “The difference they make from midfield forward”.

weaknesses: “They don’t defend well.”

key player: “Nahuel Guzman”.


“Tigers is the favourite.”

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Liga MX: ESPN specialists give their predictions for the Clausura 2022 semifinals