Liga MX: Dani Alves receives an exciting surprise that fills him with pride in the World Cup preview

The Brazilian Dani Alves is an owner of a great legacy in footballthe former of Barcelona, PSG, Juventus, among other clubs is the player with the most titles in history; That is why admirers rain down around the world.

One of them is the side of Manchester City, Joao Cancelowho from England sent him a sweater signed, along with an emotional message.

“For him best side law of football history. Hug”, reads on the shirt that the Portuguese gave to Daniel Alves, who shared his surprise on social networks and thanked for the present: “Grateful for the gift, brother. Much respect”.

Dani Alves shows off a City shirt signed by Joao Cancelo

Instagram: @danialves

After the removal of the Cougars in the Apertura 2022, the Brazilian defender Dani Alves traveled to Barcelona to stay on pace and be considered by Tite for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Will Dani play in America?

the reality of Daniel Alves in Cougars It is not the dream. It is that she arrived at the club and, far from having a good performance, his level was in line with that of the team: he is in 16th place, with just five points more than the colero. That’s why she seems close to leaving her and she was Moses Munoz who threw the bombshell and assured that he could land in America, that he is the leader of Liga MX and could pay his salary.

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The intention of the Eagles for the next semester is to strengthen the team, especially where there are some weak points or few replacements; find a replacement for Federico Vinas It is essential not to lose power on the right side. That is why a weighty name appeared: Daniel Alves. Yeah the newcomer to Cougars.

In the program TUDN Zone, Moises Munoz and Valeria Marin They analyzed the reasons why the Brazilian did not find his best level in the Universitarios and then it was the exporter who threw the bomb.

“Let’s see if some big team doesn’t go. I don’t know, I’m telling you. it might go away Daniel Alves… I confirmed yellow, but there are two Liga MX teams like that,” he revealed when Marín insisted on knowing which soccer player America was interested in.

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Pumas history criticizes Dani Alves

Marco Antonio Palaciosfour-time champion with Pumas, took a plate from his career at the club and complained about the team’s current affairs.

“I think if they brought him to give autographs and guide the kids, perfect. But if they brought him in to solve matches, I think they are very wrong. Daniel Alves will not be able to solve, because in Cougars there is a game philosophy. They all have to run, they all have to put in…” Palacios said.

And he concluded: “Did they stop to think that Daniel Alves arrived without preseason in a tournament with a tournament already started? That he was 39 years old and that he came to a club that had to run, not much, a lot? I think they didn’t think about it…”.

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Liga MX: Dani Alves receives an exciting surprise that fills him with pride in the World Cup preview