Libertadores: Boca Juniors players, to the police station to testify for a fight in Brazil

Libertadores Boca Juniors players to the police station to testify

The police pointed out Zambrano and Villa for damage to the Mineirao, in addition to attacking the authorities. The entire squad of the Argentine club accompanied their teammates at all times

BRAZIL – The night of Boca Juniors was far from finishing on the field after being eliminated on penalties against him Athletic-MG on the Libertadores Cup.

The Argentine club was involved in a pitched battle in the Mineiro dressing rooms and had two players identified by the police for property damage crimes. The club, however, decided that the entire squad would go to the police station to accompany their teammates.

Peruvian defender Zambrano and Colombian forward Villa were booked by the military police to explain their actions. During the fight, they allegedly spat and attacked the police, in addition to destroying parts of the Mineirao. In some images you can see the players of Mouth throwing protection grids.

“The security forces have to take legal action. Employees of the security team Boca Juniors have been followed by internal cameras. So far they have identified two Boca players in material damage crimes, “a police officer told Boca officials. Images of the confrontation were captured and posted on social media.

But the team of Mouth did not abandon the two players. The leaders soon warned the police that no one would go to the airport, everyone would accompany Zambrano Y town where necessary.

“If the two of them stay, we stay. Let’s all go or none “, replied the technician Michelangelo Russo.

The players of Mouth they still waited inside the bus for a long time to find out if they should go to a police station to testify. The Argentine consul in Belo Horizonte even went to the stadium to try to help resolve the matter, but could not prevent the defendants from having to give explanations to the police.