Leon vs. Santos – Game Report – August 21, 2021 – ESPN

In a match that lasted until the 105th minute, León achieved 1-1 against Santos with a penalty charged by Ángel Mena at 104, in a match on the sixth day of the 2021 Apertura of the MX League.

Santos had kept the score in his favor from the first half, without deserving it, since the green bellies had been the dominators; however, a penalty from Fernando Gorriarán put him ahead, motivation that reached them to come back strong in the complementary part in search of a looser scoreboard that was not given.

With the equalized, Santos is confirmed as the king of the tie with five in a row and remains one of the undefeated teams in Liga MX. León, for his part, gets his fifth game without losing, the previous four being pure victories.

With the point, León remains in second place in the table with 13 points, while Santos enters the qualification zone with eight.

Before the start of the meeting there were mixed feelings; On the one hand, awards were given to players who completed 100 games playing with the team, and on the other, there was a minute of applause in memory of Emmanuel Gigliotti’s father, who was on the bench.

Then, Leon began overwhelming the game. He was the dominator for 40 minutes, while Andrés Mosquera was close to opening the scoring at 4 ‘, but he lacked calm in his shot. Also the ‘Mudo’ Aguirre was in position to look for the goal, but he did it hastily at 15 ‘.

Santos was ruthlessly attacked, but staying calm helped him to be accurate in his interventions. At 30 ‘, Matheus Doria saved a hammer from Tesillo on the line, and in a previous play, Doria himself reloaded Tesillo in the area, in a play that seemed to be a maximum penalty, but the referee Fernando Hernández Gómez let it pass.

A shot from Ángel Mena that was deflected was another sign of León’s dominance and it did not materialize, since at 36 ‘Víctor Dávila arrived from the inside left and crossed his shot too much.

Despite everything, the locals got into trouble; They were awarded a penalty that was not claimed. At 40 ‘, Diego Valdés missed the maximum penalty, as goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota stopped him; Unfortunately for León, the whistler was notified by the VAR that Cota had moved before the whistle and he repeated it. This time Santos did not forgive and Gorriarán cashed him correctly to put his team 0- at 43 ‘.

The start of the complementary part was complicated for León, since Santos returned to the field motivated by the partial victory and allowed himself to be enveloped by the Lagunero football. The visitors went to the front and had the ease of reaching the opposite area, under pressure from the rival who could not have the behavior of the first half.

Neither the entry of Santiago Ormeño by Omar Fernández was the coach Ariel Holan, nervous on the bench because the situation kept turning around. Despite everything, he was in front and in the last 20 minutes he matched the actions with Santos. He was fighting intensely, already with Gigliotti in the match.

Finally, the referee decided that 8 minutes would be added to the game, although in the end there were 15 that helped the León a lot to tie. In compensation time, Ormeño had a shot with the head that looked for the opposite angle; then Gigliotti smashed the ball off a post while making a Chilean. Luckily for him, Holan’s team was awarded a penalty for a hand in the area and it was Ángel Mena who charged it with great power to tie at 104 ‘, in a dramatic close.