“Leo Messi’s new tango”: the French press heaped praise on the Argentine captain after another brilliant performance at PSG

* The best actions of the PSG victory

The hours of suspicion, criticism and doubts seem to be in the past. Leo Messi continues to show his quality intact at the age of 35 in every performance with the PSG, but now he’s also starting to reverse some of those unfair sideways glances he got last season when the results weren’t so good. The Argentine was vital with two top assists on the 3-0 victory against Toulousewas active and, to the ovations that are already coming down from the stands, now the love of the local press has also been added.

The newspaper Le Parisianwhich had been one of the toughest with the Flea during the Pochettino era, he surrendered at the feet of the captain of the Argentine team: “Leo Messi’s new tango”, titled the chronicle signed by the journalist Sébastien Nieto. “A complete summer preparation, the Christophe Galtier effect, the smell of the World Cup that is approaching, his desire for revenge… Without a doubt, a mixture of all three. One thing is certain: Lionel Messi has regained the splendor of him since the start of the season”analyzed after what was done by the former Barcelona who has four assists in five Ligue 1 appearances, which places him second in the competition behind Neymar.

He could also have increased his number of goals had it not been for the brilliant performance of the rival goalkeeper, who covered several clear actions. Leo signed three goals in five presentations, which leaves him three to equal what was done in the 26 games he played last season. The previous contest, in addition, culminated with 14 goal passes to be the second best record in that table behind the 17 that Kylian Mbappé gave.

The journalist who expressed his praise for what Messi has done highlighted that at his age “He is a player capable of disorienting an entire team due to his vision of the game” and warned that their numbers in this boot “they show that their peak of form is not very far away”.

This same medium put it as one of the figures with 7 points –along with his fellow attackers– because “participated in almost every situation”, while noting that goalkeeper Maxime Dupé had a “heroic” performance to prevent him from scoring six times. for the diary L’Equipe the figure was Marco Verratti with 8 points, but placed Leo in the second ranking of yields with a 7: “He could have finished with a goal if it weren’t for a great Maxime Dupé.”

“It was clear that the two South American stars were going to devour everything in their path, even if the match was decided and a promoted team was on the menu”the journalist Damián Degorre also added Neymar to the praise in L’Equipe.

The detail that did not go unnoticed in the local media is that Christophe Galtier took Messi off the pitch again shortly after the end of the match, something he explained in the subsequent press conference: “Players are never happy to go outbut since the match was very good, it seemed important to me to get Ney out, who was exposed to contact. Leo also had to be physically unloaded after the sequence of matches. They are aware, informed. They are not happy, but it allows the team to be alive”.

The coach’s words were directed at the string of matches that began with the 1-1 draw in Monaco last weekend and that will have another five presentations ahead of them in two weeks, including the first two Champions League games against Juventus (6/9) and Maccabi Haifa (14/9).


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“Leo Messi’s new tango”: the French press heaped praise on the Argentine captain after another brilliant performance at PSG