Leipzig wants Ilaix and Barcelona is willing to sell their youth squad

Leipzig wants Ilaix and Barcelona is willing to sell their

BARCELONA – The future of the promising Ilaix Moriba He is seen more and more outside of Barcelona and RB Leipzig wants to take advantage of it to try to take him to the Bundesliga, according to different sources confirmed to ESPN.

The 18-year-old youth squad had a great breakthrough in Barcelona’s first team last season but ends his contract on June 30 and has rejected all the offers that have been transferred so far to renew.

In this way, Barça begins to give him up for lost and from the Camp Nou they are considering selling him in this market if a team offers between 15 and 20 million for his transfer to prevent him from leaving for free next summer.

Chelsea, who already tried to sign him when he was a child, are still attentive to the situation but Leipzig is the team that has shown the most interest in his signing in recent weeks. The Bundesliga team is always committed to the signings of young talents and sees Ilaix’s situation at Barcelona as a good market opportunity.

Barça would be willing to listen to offers for the midfielder but it remains to be seen if Leipzig will go for his signing this summer or if he hopes to try to win him for free next summer.

The third possible scenario is that Ilaix backs down and agrees to renew his contract with Barcelona, ​​but sources from the Catalan club admit to ESPN that this possibility is increasingly distant.

However, president Joan Laporta already made it clear last week that Barcelona was not going to accept the high demands that the young footballer is asking to renew.

“We will try not to repeat this case. He has one year left and he does not want to renew. It is a situation that we do not accept and we must act,” Laporta admitted last week and later added: “He is a great player, and if he does not renew, you know that has other solutions. We don’t want players, which we have made at home, who do not want to renew with a year to go.

“He has been given opportunities, but above all else there is the club and they cannot give us this type of pulse, and I would like him to reconsider. It hurts me that he does not recognize what we have done for him. We will not accept that he goes free. Whoever wants to leave is free but with certain conditions. Unfortunately, it is like this. “

Ilaix has until August 31 to make a decision. The youth squad already knows that Barça will be inflexible so he has three possibilities on the table: Accept the latest offer from the Catalan club and play in the first team again, stay in the stands until his contract ends next summer or bring one Offer from another team that satisfies Barcelona to leave the Camp Nou this summer.