Lautaro told why he got excited during the match

On Thursday he could not be due to an injury, but this Sunday he did say present with the shirt of the Selection, closed the triumph against Uruguay with a goal (3-0) and he left in the ST so as not to risk his physique, which is in recovery. There, from the bench, the TV showed him in full tears. And the Bull told why he was so moved.

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“For my daughter, my family, who were present at the stadium today, more than anything for that. It is a sacrifice, leaving many things aside and I remembered them, and that is why it was the emotion, for my family that always accompanies me and I will be grateful for life “, The Argentine forward explained in a press conference, already calmer, but just as happy as after his goal.

Lautaro’s emotion

El Toro was the starter and constantly sought to help his team, especially Messi, opening paths or carrying brands. Of course, the goal was also in his gaze. And it came. On the 22nd, which is a good 9, he closed a great collective move by sending a Lo Celso center to save. Was his 16th in the Major in 32 games. An average of one scream every two encounters.

The bull’s goal

More from Lautaro Martínez:

“The Copa América gave us a lot of strength to continue growing and to continue on the path that we started: that of patience, that of the game, that of being protagonists. I think that in all the fields we play on, we will try to do that.” .

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“Beyond the fact that Uruguay is a high-ranking rival, I think we pushed, we played, we played the game we wanted and we got the three points.”

“We have had many games with several minutes that we play football very well. I think that today was very complete because of how we put pressure on the rival. In the second half we felt tired because in the first we made a great wear, but congratulations and happy for obtaining the prize of leaving the three points at home, important points for the table and now we have to continue working calmly for what is to come “.

People: “With joy, responsibility, we have made people join us, that people are happy, that people want to see the National Team. We feel that way, we are proud of that, happy and content for the work we are doing with him. The coaching staff and the players. We must continue working on the same path, with the same humility and responsibility that brought us here. “

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“We try to take advantage of the time that we are together, give everything, be responsible and work to be prepared for what the coach asks.”