Laporta: “We will once again be the best club in the world”

He is not on the campaign, but almost. Joan Laporta, president of Barça, knows that a piece of the future of his mandate is at stake in the Assembly this Sunday. On the one hand, it must approve the financing of Espai Barça for 1,500 million euros. On the other hand, it wants to ensure, under a provisional suspension of the statutes, that your term will not be in jeopardy if the club loses next year. For that, he has decided to express himself in grandiloquent terms in an interview with Sport. “We will proclaim the resurrection of Barça”, get moving. And he also dares to predict that, hurt as he is now, Barça will once again “be the best club in the world and the best team in the world”.

Laporta values ​​the granting of the Goldman Sachs loan, for 595 million euros, as his best moment since he is in the presidency. The worst, of course, is Messi’s departure. And insist. “It (this Sunday’s Assembly) is the most important in the recent history of the club. I do not want to go back to the origins of the club, where there were situations of maximum difficulty. I want to imagine what Gamper suffered when there were only 32 members left and he went door to door to try to get them back. We will now announce results that are a disaster as a result of the mismanagement of the previous board. But also we will proclaim the resurrection of Barça. That Barça resuscitate and once again be a world reference “, Explain Laporta, which reveals that he barely sleeps between four and a half and five hours a day and that he has little social life: “I did say in 2003 that we would dedicate the best years of our lives to Barça. Now we dedicate a serene maturity of experience to Barça (. ..) .. It is time to sow. Now we need to be given instruments so that, instead of sowing in a traditional way, we can do it in a more modern way, whether they are financial to build the Barça that we all want, that can compete again at a high level again. There it is important to Espai Barça“.