Laporta gives his Ronaldinho 2.0

Joan Laporta became president of Barcelona for the first time in June 2003. He beat, against all odds, Lluís Bassat, the a priori favorite. He did so with several promises, including the arrival of cracks World Cups that changed the face of a depressed club after the Gaspart stage. Beckham had a pre-agreement, but Florentino Pérez made him Galactic and snatched it away. This is how Ronaldinho ended up arriving, in exchange for 27 million euros, from PSG.

With Frank Rijkaard on the benchAfter a few difficult first months, the situation was redirected in a great end of the 2003-04 season that led them to the runner-up after the blackout of Madrid de Queiroz (Valencia won), supported by the eternal battery of an Edgar Davids signed in winter on loan and, of course, the star of Porto Happy. Now, Laporta has reached the presidential chair after another more than discussed president: Bartomeu. Like Gaspart, he also resigned. The coffers of the club do not allow frills this time, but the president does not doubt that he needs a new Ronaldinho as a foundation for the resurgence of the Blaugrana and to be able to build with solvency. After his vaunted reunion with Mino Raiola, it is clear who he wants to become the visible head of his second stage: Erling Haaland.

It so happens that DinhoLike the Norwegian, he was also a target of Real Madrid. Finally, as we said, Florentino opted for Beckham, as he now gives preference to Kylian Mbappé. On the Paseo de la Castellana they would be delighted to open the doors of the new Bernabéu to the couple destined to inherit the football throne from which Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo refuse to abdicate, but there is something that plays in favor of the Catalans. In the capital, he would have to share the limelight with Bondy’s. In Barcelona, ​​with permission from Ansu Fati, it would be the go to guy, as the NBA describes franchise players.

The Camp Nou smile

The Brazilian brought samba and joy to a hobby that needed to forget the shadows of the past. His first goal, a tremendous shoe from 25 meters with which he executed Sevilla, blew up a crowd that shared with his new star from the beginning. That 2004 he would receive the award for best FIFA player. The next, after completing the rebuilding equipment (Up to 16 players came out and Eto’o, Deco, Belletti, Edmilson arrived …) and lay the foundations of the 2004-05 League, would add the Ballon d’Or. to your particular showcase. Later would come the slump in performance, the extra-sporting doubts, setting course for Milan after five seasons and the Guardiola era. Yes, he left 95 goals in 204 games and endless memories indelible not only among the fans culé, but remain in the mind of everyone who saw him get the Camp Nou to regain the smile.

Moment of the signing of Ronaldinho with Barcelona.

Haaland, case open

Erling Haaland is another type of footballer. Samba would be borne by Dani Alves on this occasion, but few things give more joy than the goal in football and that terrain is dominated with ease by the Norwegian (76 goals in 74 games with the elastic black-yellow). The good relationship between Laporta and Mino Raiola is the main asset with which they sit at the table in Barcelona. Amen to offer him the keys to the team. The priority when choosing a destination will be the sports project and, For Erling to end up exchanging Dortmund for Barcelona, ​​there is a condition that Xavi must achieve at the end of the season, as reported Sport: qualify for the Champions League. Something that, curiously, the culé team had not done in the 2002-03 campaign (they were sixth), with Ronaldinho joining a team outside the Champions League.

His last three seasons, all with more than one goal per 90 minutes.

But, without top continental competition, there will be no Haaland. The forward wants to make history and this is written through feats in the highest continental competition. It seems chimerical that the operation can be closed, taking into account the state of Barcelona’s coffers. But nevertheless, both Laporta and the club’s board are confident of being able to finance the signing. There is a regulation that FIFA wants to impose from 2022 that would play in favor of the Blaugrana team. The highest soccer body wants to limit the amounts that agents and intermediaries can enter to make the signings of their players possible.

FIFA as an ‘ally’

As he explains this thursday The country, FIFA wants to set the intermediary’s profit at 10% and requires that the athlete, the buying club and the seller cannot be represented at the same time. In addition to receiving the money and transferring it accordingly. Thus, commissions like the one that Raiola intends for Haaland – there is talk of 55 million euros, or the 40 that he obtained from the transfer of Pogba to Juventus would be forgotten. This would make Can Barça only have to worry about amassing the amount of the transfer, not negligible, of course, and the salary of the ‘9’. Raiola himself already rebelled against this intention in AS: “FIFA attacks the agents to cover up their problems; if we exist, it is because the players need us”. Will Haaland be Laporta’s Ronaldinho 2.0? To get hold of the Brazilian he didn’t have to juggle so much, but the intention is clear.

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Laporta gives his Ronaldinho 2.0