Lapadula and other players at risk: Serie A will not yield footballers either

The European leagues remain firm in their plan of not letting their players go to the national teams, taking into account that they will have to go through mandatory isolation on their return. This time, Serie A joined the position shown by LaLiga Santander and the Premier League. Due to this situation, the I could lose , if it is that these days his move to a First team is specified, as media of that country speculate.

Despite what was expressed by FIFA, which clarified that leagues and clubs are obliged to give up their selected players for the next triple date of the Qualifiers, the refusal is maintained in the main tournaments in Europe. For now, the decision they have made, and made public, does not seem close to change, but everything will depend on the steps taken by the highest governing body of football in the world.

The main reason for this position has to do with the time that the players called up by their selected players will lose on the next FIFA date and their subsequent isolation. Given the triple dates that are coming, the players will be 11 days out of their home league and would arrive adjusted for the restart of their activity at the club level.

Regardless of attrition, the fundamental detail is that if the country to which the athletes traveled are on a COVID-19 red list, they will have to remain isolated on their return. According to the health authorities, they are up to 14 days away from the common activities that they can carry out in their daily life. In this case, practice soccer. England, Spain and Italy want to avoid that complication.

In this context, the clubs are the most affected and for this reason they reveal their refusal to give in to their players. In 2020, a similar decision was made in Italy, but some players who were supposed to arrive in South America managed to make their trip and played for their countries. An example was what happened with Erick Pulgar in the Chilean national team, who was even accused of leaving Fiorentina without permission.

Could Gianluca Lapadula miss the Playoffs?

If he remains at Benevento, which plays in Serie B, there would be no problem with Gianluca Lapadula being called up. But if his move to an Italian first division team is made, the situation is complicated. The day before, media from that country located the top scorer of the Peruvian team close to Udinese and Sampdoria. The book of passes closes next Tuesday 31 and, until then, anything can happen.

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