Kroos leaves the Mannschaft

The rumor emerged after the elimination of the Mannschaft from England (2-0) and this Friday it was confirmed: Toni Kroos will not wear the shirt of the German national team again. This was explained by the Real Madrid footballer himself in a statement that he issued through his social networks. These are the words of Kroos, a member of the great Mannschaft who was crowned world champion seven years ago in Brazil, in which he explains why he takes a step back as an international:

“I have played for Germany 106 times. There will be no other match. I would have loved it, and for that I have given everything again, that in the end there would have been 109 international matches and that in the end that great title would have been added, the European Championship. The decision to stop after this tournament had already been made for a long time. It had been clear for a long time that he would not be available for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Mainly because I want to fully concentrate on my goals with Real Madrid in the coming years. To do this, I am going to make the conscious decision to give myself a break, something that I have not done as an international for eleven years. I also want to be more of a husband and father to my wife and three children. It was a great honor for me to wear this jersey for so long. I did it with pride and passion.

Thanks to all the fans and followers who have taken me on the fly supported with their applause and cheers. And thanks to all the critics for their extra motivation. Finally, I would like to especially thank Jogi Löw. It made me a national player and a world champion. He trusted me. We have written a success story for a long time. It has been an honor, take care of yourself, and good luck and success for Hansi Flick. “

On his Einfach Bad Luppen podcast he added: “I’ve been in professional football for 14 years. Not counting my time in Leverkusen, I played seven years in Munich and another seven in Madrid. You have to take into account the effort and physical exhaustion, at some point it begins to show. Before you even notice it. Furthermore, I want to make sure that I can continue to play at the highest level for years to come. Game in which I consider the biggest club in the world. That implies a certain amount of work and a certain expectation that they require energy. I want to continue representing the club for a few more years. I think this decision can help me have more rest to do it for a few more years. Those are the reasons that made me take this step. “

“When I made the decision, and that was long before the tournament, I was very rational. You catch yourself thinking: there is still a lot left. But I made the decision very consciously. It was an exceptional stage. It makes me very proud every time I think about it. When you look back, you see how special it was to represent your country – it makes you proud. I have to admit that I find it strange to close the chapter in this way. On the other hand, I am very excited to be somewhere other than the pitch when the next breaks come in September, October and November. That is why I made this decision. “