Konami apologized after teasing generated by e-football graphics with players like Messi

02-09-2021 The eFootball 2022 video game was released for free on September 30. KONAMI RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY

Last July, Konami, one of the most important video game developers in the world, announced what would be the end of its famous Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) soccer video game saga and its replacement: e-football.

According to an official statement released by the company, the decision was made “with the relentless determination to create a revolutionary football experience. Our ambition was to recreate the perfect football environment, from the grass on the field, the movement of the players, to the crowd in the stadium. To this end, we decided to create a new soccer engine, with a revamped animation system and game controls. The end result was even more impressive than we had originally envisioned. We had gone beyond the border of PES, towards a new realm of virtual soccer ”.

“To mark this new era, we have decided to part ways with our beloved PES brand and rename it e-football,” the document details.

However, after its premiere last week, the evolution of PES did not cause a positive impact among the gamers who tried it, especially due to the large irregularities that were presented in its graphics. In fact, during the weekend the memes created around the game’s image failures did not stop, specifically on the faces of the most famous players and their “curious” body movements on the field.


Graphics that personify elite footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Raphael Varane caused rejection reactions among gamers, lThey called e-football an impossible title to “make war on FIFA 22”.

However, it seems that it is not only the graphical problems that have been criticized by gamers as the gameplay and flow of the game in general seems to be meaningless; or not at least for now.

In fact, the level of criticism from gamers has been such that Konami had to deal with negative comments to offer some apologies to its users and assure them that the details that have not been liked are being fixed by the developers of the company.

“After the launch of e-football 2022 we have received a lot of feedback (feedback) and requests regarding the balance of the game, which includes the speed of passing or the performance of the defense. We would also like to let you know that there have been reports of issues that users have experienced with kinematics, facial expressions, player movements, and ball behavior.“Said the company through a statement posted on social networks.

Likewise, Konami apologized to its users for the problems generated in the middle of its first e-football presentation, and assured that the failures within it would be taken “seriously”.

“This work will be continually updated, quality will be improved, and content will be added constantly. Starting next week we will prepare for an update in October while we receive more feedback through questionnaires from our users”He added.


Finally, from the company they stated that they will “Everything possible to satisfy as many users as possible” hoping that gamers do not withdraw support for this new experience.

For now, the specific details of the action plan that Konami will execute are unknown, although it is expected that they can improve in record time the glitches in the graphics and gameplay taking into account that FIFA 22 was released on October 1, the toughest competition that e-football has for the 2021-2022 season.