Koeman: “We can compete to win the championship”

Ronald Koeman appears this noon before the media to explain how the block arrives at the crossing against his former team, the Valencia. The Catalans, who have just renewed Pedri, they receive those of Bordals this sunday in the Camp Nou at 9:00 p.m. The Dutch coach, who was ratified by Laporta In the last day despite the irregular start, he recovered troops in attack for this day. With the return of the injured, he is able to fight for the title.


“With the recovery of the injured, I am more satisfied with the squad. There are always injuries, but we were unlucky. Almost all the forwards were injured. We can compete to win the championship.”


“He has shown, despite his age, that he knows how to play. He has taken advantage of the opportunities with me and with the selection of Luis Enrique. He also bets on young people, who is the future. We must seek balance and balance in the squad” .


“He has done a great performance with Spain. We can help him more, but the pressure cannot be compared to the two teams. You have to be compact. You have to improve as a team so that he is more comfortable.”


“He does not play for technical reasons, although he has discomfort and does not train normally. He is a serious boy and should take advantage of his opportunity. I have no complaint about his professionalism. For me he is an example.”


“I’m used to people talking about my future, this is normal in a big club where there are always things with the coach. It is not the first time. Last year there were also times when they talked about the coach. supported and has made things clear. But a coach must win games. I don’t want to talk about the past anymore. I want to put energy into taking the game forward, not focus on my feelings. I try to do my best for the club. “

Camp Nou

“The public has been phenomenal in the meetings in which there have been people. If it is full or almost full it will be different from what we have had to date. That they are is a help and gives strength to the team. Feeling supported is important.”


“To get the best performance you have to have all the men available. Little by little we will get better. But some are still not at the best moment. I have seen the team very involved. Everyone knows that it is an important game.”

Ansu Fati

“Every day is better and tomorrow we will decide whether to start. He needs time after so many months off. He cannot play the entire three games this week, we must decide and choose the best for the team.”


“I do not put the clauses. The club puts them, but it is important to have the best at home. A coach tries to improve things, but the key is the player, hence the importance of his character, that he listens to experienced people. … is an example. He knows his situation. “


“The one on Wednesday is not the most important. For me it is the first, always. LaLiga and the Champions League are different, but tomorrow is tomorrow.”


“He’s working very well, but he’s still missing. He’s only doing part of the training with the group. So he’s still missing. I don’t know if he’ll be against Real Madrid. I don’t know. We have to wait. And his future and renewal is a matter of the club. “

Koeman: “Agero has improved a lot but he lacks physique and rhythm of matches”FC Barcelona


“He has improved a lot lately. He did 25 minutes the other day, in the friendly match that we played. He is doing well, but he lacks physique and rhythm of matches, and that is achieved with matches. Being on the list. His talent is known. He can give a lot up. The best thing is that he is well, and with minutes still be better, as has happened with Ansu Fati “.


“I try to be calm, which is not easy because there are many things … but you have to put energy into the things you have control over. You have to train and improve things, prepare for the game and win it.”


“It is true that we expect a tough game. Bordals teams and their system are competitive. We have to improve things in defense. And we play at home. We will carry the weight of the game. We must win because it is a very important match.”