Koeman: “They haven’t told me anything, but I have eyes and ears”


10/01/2021 –

ROnald Koeman knows his position is up in the air. The Dutchman, visibly upset, addressed the media before the game against Atltico. The duel was the least talked about. With his possible dismissal hovering today, Tintin defended himself.

Have you spoken to Cruyff?

“From the first day Jordi has told me not to be a coach of this club. I talk to the newspaper”

What is missing from the team?

“There is a lack of balance at the moment. There are attacking players recovering. We lack effectiveness. Atltico is capable of having a shot on goal and that it is a goal. We arrived four times and we did not score. It is a big difference”

Koeman’s show after entering the press room: “I’m going to remember a phrase from Van Gaal …”

Best moment

“I have to answer? It seems that I am already out. The best moment, the signing. The worst, the departure of Messi”


“Honestly, it could be better”

Disrespect for your figure

“There is no need to answer. Do you think so? It is not a question of being good or bad, but of treating me”

Would another coach get more out of this team?

“I don’t know. I also have to speak for another coach? If I had the money bag, Messi would be here. And other players he would bring to play dominating.”

What grade do you get?

“I’m tired of defending myself. Anyone can analyze the situation of the club and the team. We have assumed changes on the part of the club. Putting notes, for you. Surely there will be people who think that this is disrespectful. Others they will think it takes time … One day I would like to speak well of what I think “

It has no relationship with Laporta

“I will not answer this question”

Win, it will give life

“That is a question for tomorrow. Everyone knows that I am here for the love of this club. I have come in a difficult situation and everyone has their opinion. I care about the players and getting the game out.”

last game?

“Nobody has told me anything. It is true that the president was here this morning, but I have not seen him because he was preparing the game. He has not told me anything, but I have ears, I have eyes and I know that many things are filtered.”

How to turn the equipment around?

“Keep doing the work we are doing. We are going to recover important people, especially upstairs. I know that everything depends on the results. It is normal in this world.”

The match

“They are two different styles of play. They were champions last year because they deserved it. They have a very competitive style. It is very difficult to give them opportunities. They give you the ball, but it is a great team. We have to try to be good in the last pass and create opportunities. I don’t think we will have more chances against them than against Benfica. You have to score. “