Koeman ‘Promotions’

Ronald Koeman can leave before or after Can Bara, but his legacy in the form of young talents will not be disputed. The Dutchman can be fired for his behavior in the press room, for his insistence on the three center-backs, for publicly criticizing his players, but it cannot be said that he has lacked courage in promoting the ability of the most powerful players. young people.

This bet benefits and benefits the Barcelona of the next few years, but it is also beginning to have its reflection on the international scene. Fruit of that bet of Tintin For some players who until recently were not well known, we have some of the most exciting appearances in national football.

Luis Enrique: “Gavi is not the future of the national team, it is already the present”

If we combine that philosophy of Koeman with the daring spirit of Luis Enrique -Another that is not cut when it comes to giving prominence to the youngsters- we have the perfect breeding ground for the Spanish team to begin to be filled with very young players, but with great talent and competitive spirit.

Gavi He is the last to show his head, the result of that strategy that Koeman is promoting at the club. The midfielder was one of the sensations from The Red in his match against Italy in Milan.

What vision Pedri has! This is how the play began for Soler’s goal at 1-1

Mingueza and Pedri

It is not the only example. In the 14 months that Koeman has been on the Barça bench, he has also given prominence to two other footballers. A confidence that has allowed them to make the leap to the senior team. It is the case of Pedri and Mingueza.

When the canary arrived at Barcelona, ​​he was already going to be the protagonist in the Las Palmas Sports Union. However, it was not clear if he would stay in the Barça first team or if he started in the subsidiary. His irruption in the Bara, added to the timely injury of Coutinho and the courage of Koeman allowed the Tenerifean to gain a foothold in La Roja. A decision by Luis Enrique that, by the way, was also highly criticized by some. They did not understand his rapid promotion to senior national team. As with Gavi.

The other example was scar Mingueza. The defender made the jump to the first team cul last season. He showed that he can perform both as a winger and as a center-back and that earned him his debut with the greater on June 8 (4-0 to Lithuania).

Ilaix and Araujo

Two other players who owe a lot to the current Barcelona coach are Ilaix Moriba and Ronald araujo. In the case of the Uruguayan, he had already played with the Barça first team when Koeman arrived on the bench, but it is with the Dutchman that he makes the final leap in quality.

The charra, who wears the same number that Tintn wore when he was a player, played 33 games last season and this season has already accumulated nine. He is a full-fledged first-team player and has already become a man to be reckoned with within the Uruguayan team. Was in the past America Cup, although he was injured, and has continued to count for Tabrez.

For his part, Ilaix Moriba is a special case. He had all the ballots to make the leap to the Absolute. Entered the pre-list for the Tokyo Games, but his situation turned upside down. His recent decision to give up to play with Spain to be international with Guinea Conakry, probably thinking about a future jump to the Premier, prevents him from entering the club of those selected by Koeman. In any case, the Dutchman has played a vital role in his establishment in the elite.