Karoline Lima confesses the worst of her relationship with Militao: “Society is rotten”

Eder Militao publicly presented his girlfriend less than a year ago and in just a few months he will become a father for the first time of a little girl whom they have decided to call Cecilia. The Real Madrid footballer and Karoline Lima they are completely in love and they usually show it in social networks, but since their love story came to light both have had to face enormous pressure about which the influencer.

The Brazilian responded throughout Sunday to the questions of many of her followers and confessed the “hard part of being in a relationship with a football player”. “Many trials. Actually, if you don’t love the person very very very much, it’s very difficult. It’s a lot of pressure, especially if there is a difference in skin color. society is rotten”, he expressed.

Thus, Karoline discovers that she has had to face racist comments and attacks in recent months due to her relationship with Militao, and it is not the first time: “They say things that I know they wouldn’t say if I were in a relationship with a boy with a white face, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I know because it has already happened to me and the difference is really crazy”, he added. “It is like saying that love was not enough. It’s like saying that being a person who loves me and does me good is not enough either. They want to find reasons and we know what they are. It’s really sad to see how far it goes”.

Unfortunately, Karoline knows that this unpleasant pressure will also be felt by her daughter: “Unfortunately I know she’s probably going to feel all of that too.. And that scares me, but it motivates me to be more and more of a lioness for her.”

Karoline Lima is not with Militao for fame

The partners of soccer players are accused on too many occasions of taking advantage of their fame or their money, and precisely one of the messages that Karoline Lima received accused her of precisely this, that she would not have noticed Militao if he were just any person. “Why? Fame I already had, money too”, he began in response to another of his followers.

“I have dated a boy without a car, without studies, without a real in his pocket. Boy with conditions below mine, boy who even stole from a friend of mine. I have gone out with a boy with whom I had to pay everything to be able to do something because he was not in a position (…). Now you’re telling me that I’m only interested in him (Militao) because of who he is? Why? Don’t you have anything else to offer? He can’t be an amazing person? This is called prejudice and unfortunately it is rooted in you, ”he settled.

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Karoline Lima confesses the worst of her relationship with Militao: “Society is rotten”