Justin Fashanu, the 1st gay footballer who committed suicide for a lie

If the world still has prejudices and accusations towards the members of the community homosexualImagine what it was like 50 years ago. Back in the 70’s there was an English striker who painted for big things, named Justin Fashanu, a black soccer player whose life ended tragically due to a public accusation that turned out to be false and that even made his brother doubt his innocence.

In this 2022, in England it was news that the young Jake Daniels openly declared his homosexuality, being the first player since 1990 to do so in Great Britain. Do you know who his predecessor was? Yes, Justin Fashanwho burst onto the football scene at just 17 years old at the club Norwich Citybut before reaching the spotlight he had to walk down dark and tragic paths.

Who was Justin Fashanu?

Son of African immigrants, Justin Fashanu was born on February 19, 1961 in London, but he was orphaned in childhood following the separation of his parents, who were a law student and a nurse from British Guiana. Without his parents at a young age, Justin and his brother John ended up in an orphanage. until they were adopted by a family from Norfolk, England.

In a society marked by racism and prejudice, being a black and homosexual childhad to silence his preferences to seek life and chose in the first instance to do it with blows. Justin got into boxing at the age of 14.but soon after, the opportunity came into his life that would give him fame and a certain fortune, although ironically that would lead to his denouement.

A talent scout recruited him for some tests with Norwich City and thus began his walk through the football fields. He debuted in 1978 at the age of 17 and quickly became the star of the team; in fact, he was called to the England Under-21 team and even won the award for Best Goal of the Season in 1980 for a goal that converted the almighty Liverpool.

Arrival at Nottingham Forest and a harassing manager

His meteoric career rise put him in the sights of Nottingham Forestthat in this 2022 he has returned to the Premier League after more than two decades, but that in the 80s he was one of the most respected in the United Kingdom because he had just won two UEFA Champions Leagues. In 1981 he made history by becoming the first black player to be transferred for a million pounds.

Brian Clough was the coach and it was he who -according to stories- made Fashanu’s life miserable by suspecting he was gay and discover their nights out at gay clubs. His teammates also excluded him, to the extent that no one wanted to team up with him in the intersquads. Overwhelmed and desolate, Justin was gradually relegated to Nottingham.

He went on loan to Southampton, later sold to Notts County and Brighton & Hove Albion, the club that terminated his contract due to a knee injury from which he never fully recovered. Although he kept up his efforts to remain active in the United States and Canada, his time as a soccer player was yesterday.

Justin Fashanu’s death by suicide

In 1990, Justin Fashanu shocked Britain by coming out as gay in an interview he did º. “Million Pound Star Admits: ‘I’m Gay'”was the title of that article in which he revealed having had a relationship with a member of the English parliament and even stated that there were “important people” in his life who offered him money so as not to reveal his preferences.

Over the years it became known that his brother, John Fashanu, had paid him £75,000 to keep him from saying he was gay.. It was John himself who confessed, describing himself as “a monster for Justin” for the harassment he subjected him to due to his sexual orientation.

Justin’s bravery to tell the world who he was would lead to his death. In March 1998, a minor accused him of forcing him to have sexual relations after meeting him in a nightclub. When the police arrived with an arrest warrant, Fashanu was not at his home.

Little more than a month was the time that Justin Fashanu “disappeared” even for his closest people, until on May 2, 1998with only 37 years of age, was found hanged in a parking lot and next to his body the following farewell note.

“I have realized that I have already been found guilty. I don’t want to give my family and friends any more worries. I hope the Jesus I love welcomes me; in the end I will find the peace that I never had”, without ever being proven guilty.

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Justin Fashanu, the 1st gay footballer who committed suicide for a lie