Justice for Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius Jr., the boy who for several seasons had to endure a particular microclimate, an unrepentant downpour of acid rain (from which not even his youth freed him), must be a very good footballer.

I’m not saying it for him great goal last night at the Bernabu in a big match, between two contenders for the title, as was the Madrid-Seville, in which anything could happen (mainly a tr

iunfo visitor) until the Brazilian appeared to decide with a genius. Nor for their

11 goals and seven assists in 17 games

This season, remarkable records in the context of the highest demand, that of Madrid, leader of the League, the only Spanish team classified for the eighth of the Champions League to date. lately

they are trying to convince us that years ago in Brazil

, Vini was a fan of Barcelona, ​​in a few lines of a story (yes, the story), which emerge every time the Madrid forward makes a prodigy. It does not fail.

Vinicius dazzles and is that as a child he was from Bara

because if he fails, it is that he was genetically a Madridista and he made us laugh.

Madrid win four Champions in five years but the important thing was the Leagues

. They remember that and surely many other things.

It is possible that in a perfect world,

football would celebrate having found such an interpreter

, someone who would make us enjoy his game, like

Stephen Curry in the NBA with his triples

. But the world is imperfect, hence few have been fair to Vini:

Zidane was not

, who was very wrong about him, because this talent comes standard. Ancelotti has managed it better. I granted him the right to fail. Nor those who

denied the ability to make a difference with their goals

. You either have the goal or you don’t have it, true, but you can work to grow. You never stop learning. Not those who made fun of it for sport, for its failures when it was a kid and was in a

player grinder called Real Madrid with only 18 years

. Think what Hazard was, a world star when he arrived, and what he is now. Ridiculing him, given what he saw, was ridiculous. Piqu right?

I wait for Joaqun’s joke

. And it was not correct to ask him for the Moon in two days simply because he was from Madrid, because of what it cost or because of the resonance that was given to his signing, while other young people of his generation are pampered. Let’s take care of the kids in formation, please.

Let them make mistakes and make amends for their mistakes

. Don’t do what you did to him. Luckily those goals and gifts, those stories they tell about him, come to

bring justice for Vini


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Justice for Vinicius Jr.