Juan Carlos Vera describes Tuca Ferretti as a tyrant and accuses him of leaving Pumas

June 22, 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of the last league title that the Cougars,& nbsp; led by Miguel Mejia Baron, & nbsp; they won in short tournaments with a team in which players of quarry extraction such as Jorge Campos, Claudio Suarez, Miguel Spain, Alberto Garcia Aspe and Luis Garcia, & nbsp; and in which the most veteran and unique foreigners, Ricardo the Tuca Ferretti and Juan Carlos Vera, very important for the team, they had serious friction.

Juan Carlos Vera remember to Ricardo Ferretti in that 1990-91 season, the last of the Brazilian & nbsp; as a player. “Tuca& nbsp; It was weird, weird, weird, “said the Chilean and said that there was never friendship between the two, but there was respect. & nbsp;” He and I were respectful for the years we had been playing, we were the oldest in the team, a difference enormous between his age and mine (six years), “Vera said in an interview for the Youtube channel MX Sudamérica.

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This 1990-91 season, Juan Carlos Vera He started it when he was just 30 years old & nbsp; and Ricardo Ferretti He was about 37. By then, remember & nbsp; the Chilean, the Tuca was excessively hard with the young companions of Cougars. “If one of the boys did not control the ball well or they scored a goal, he would suddenly go crazy and I was always the one who stopped him, there was always that friction, I have always defended my teammates.”

Ferretti took him out of Pumas

At the end of that great season, Miguel Mejia Baron he went to address the Monterrey and inherited the technical direction of Cougars to Ricardo Ferretti. & nbsp;Then there were changes in the establishment. “Being the best player in the championship they take me out because I was Tuca. We ended up being champions and Tuca I had already arranged that he was going to be the coach; the first to get out was my compadre Abraham Nava, to Alberto Garcia Aspe and me; they sell them to Necaxa and they send me on loan to Atlas, later I realize that the Tuca He charged me for it; they are quirks of a guy who gave him a lot of power. “

Over time, the relationship between the Chilean and the Brazilian, which was never solid, ended up totally deteriorating due to the irascible character of Ricardo Ferretti. “There was always that resentment because I always tell the truth. So far we have not had a good relationship, to Tuca He doesn’t like it when you say that his team plays badly because that means you are against him. He gets angry with people and never talks to them again, I’ve had a short relationship with me for a long time, I never spoke to him again, nor did he talk to me, and well, I don’t care. “

At the helm of Juárez, Tuca Ferretti celebrated 30 years as DT (photo: Jam Media).

From his native Chile, Juan Carlos Vera criticized the explosive form it has taken Ricardo Ferretti in his career as a technical director. “That nonsense of yelling and leaving training trying as if they are all assholes, I think that is not good, in two or three images you already make an image of a person like him. He has earned a lot of money and I do not I have gained nothing, but I continue with my thing in that you have to be a better person than nothing. “