Jovic, the reasons for his ‘ostracism’ and a party that slows his departure

TOsomething wrong has had to do Luka jovic these last two years not to have counted neither for Zinedine Zidane nor for Carlo Ancelotti. The Serbian arrived at Real Madrid in the summer of 2019 as a star, after the payment of 60 million more variables, with the hope on the part of the club that he would be the player who would end the scoring drought that had caused the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. His data at Eintracht during the 18-19 academic year supported him: 27 goals. But of that Jovic who shone in the Bundesliga, not a trace.

It was difficult for Jovic to integrate into Madrid and the dressing room. Problems with the language, with the culture and the lack of minutes on the part of Zidane were dwarfing. He is not a very open person, but rather shy. It was clear in his presentation, in which he answered the journalists’ questions with monosyllables and in which he barely smiled. As has happened to so many Madrid players, he entered a negative loop from which he was not able to get out. The goals, in addition, did not enter and the pandemic arrived, which brought him problems.

Jovic skipped confinement to go to his country to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday, which caused problems with the club and, above all, with the authorities of his country, who threatened him with jail. Some photos at a barbecue did not help either when the players had to be in bubble and Zidane he barely took him into account.

Many injuries

Jovic’s injuries haven’t helped either. First a hip problem, then a foot injury that was allegedly done jumping a fence, the Covid, a couple of gastroenteritis and various blows have made him lose up to 23 games through injury, which has prevented him on many occasions from being at the disposal of his coaches and what little by little has been weighing down his state of form. In many phases of your stay in Madrid, Jovic he has not had the ideal figure. Zidane He did not see him in shape and that is why he hardly used him last year and that is why he did not object to his departure to Eintracht. He was transferred to Germany, where he did better than in Madrid, but where he did not throw the door down either. That’s why he came back …

Jovic thought that with Ancelotti Things were going to be better for him, but neither. Carletto has given himself to Benzema at the start of the season and has given him 20 starts out of 21 possible. And there Jovic he runs out of place, because he only plays a ‘9’. Until yesterday, Jovic only added 103 minutes in the season, spread over six league games and two in the Champions League. An anecdote.

Thinking of another way out

Jovic’s situation was so similar to last season that he was already thinking about an exit in the winter market. Ancelotti had said that he was not going to retain anyone and the Serbian was beginning to study the option of a new transfer to the Bundesliga. Until yesterday. Benzema’s injury It can be a turning point in his career at Real Madrid, because Jovic has shown that he can be useful for the club and because Ancelotti has realized that his policy with the strikers was not the right one.

After his great game Against Real Sociedad, with a goal and an assist, Jovic is a new player from the emotional point of view and a footballer who is once again in the coach’s plans. He will be the starter for the duration of Karim’s absence and it is likely that Ancelotti will be encouraged to rotate Benzema a little more to avoid major injuries and to try to take advantage of this Jovic who has been missing for two years … but who is far from a bad footballer.


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Jovic, the reasons for his ‘ostracism’ and a party that slows his departure