Jovic, in the bedroom of Milan

The Real Madrid works on the output operation and one of the names that does not have its guaranteed continuity is Luka Jovic. Although his future will depend largely on the departures, the option of leaving this year is not ruled out. In this case, there are two teams that have already shown interest in it. The first is the Eintracht, where he has played on loan for the last six months. The problem is that the Germans don’t have the cash to deal with the deal and they need to sell first. The second is the Milan, who thinks of Jovic as an alternative in case of not being able to sign Giroud, the main objective.

The rossoneri They have been following the battering ram for years. They already thought about incorporating it in January, but the interest did not materialize. Now, negotiations could be resumed. In conversations by Brahim (they want to continue counting on the man from Malaga), Italian team officials dropped Jovic’s name, although only to find out about his situation. Relations between Madrid and Milan are very good, and this could be the differential factor to reach an agreement.

At 23, Jovic has stalled. Its evolution has stopped short in the last two years and Madrid, which made a large investment to incorporate it (60 million in 2019), hopes to be able to recover part of the investment in case of deciding on an exit. Liquidity is needed to face signings this season and no one will be allowed to leave if it is not for an amount that the club considers appropriate.

Ancelotti will start the preseason with two nines from the first team: Jovic and Mariano (waiting for Benzema to return from the Euro). At least one of the two will leave the white set this market. The club wants to find accommodation for Mariano, but the Hispanic-Dominican has a very high chip (four million), unaffordable for many clubs, which complicates his sale. With Jovic he is confident that he can still perform at the level he did before his signing, but he has more poster than his partner and it would be easier to find him a suitable suitor.