Jorginho, the discreet winner

ANDhe Chelsea that won the Champions League in May and Italy that won the European Championship in July have a part in common, and it is also an important part: the organizer, the conductor. That’s why no one was surprised that Jorge Luiz Frello, Jorginho, received the 2020/21 UEFA Best Player of the Year award yesterday.

The Italian midfielder of Brazilian origin beat his teammate Ngolo kant already Kevin De Bruyne to succeed Robert Lewandowski in the palmars of an award that has been awarded since 2011. It is the third time that this award has been won by a midfielder, after Modric (2018) and Iniesta (2012).

Jorginho (30 years old), like the rest of the protagonists, did not attend the Istanbul Gala but in his recorded message the day before thanked “those who have contributed to make this happen, all the people who helped me in my career, my family, my colleagues and also those who do not believe in me because that It motivated me and made me work harder“.

The profile of Jorginho, a team footballer dedicated to both building the game and recovering, moves away from the usual winners of this award, forwards accredited as Christian (3 titles), Messi (2), Lewandowski or individual figures like Ribery, Modric, Iniesta or Van Dijk. The three finalists for the Best Player of the Year award were midfielders and the paradox arose that in the Best Midfielder category, in which all three were nominated, the winner was their Chelsea teammate NGolo Kant.

The rest of the winners went to Edouard mendy (Chelsea) in the category of best goalkeeper in the Champions League, the Portuguese Ruben Dias (Manchester City) as best defense, Ngolo kant as best midfielder and Erling haaland (Borussia Dortmund) as the best striker in the top club competition.