Jorge Sánchez shows wounds after the El Clásico and ironic about refereeing work

Jorge Sánchez showed his left leg with two cuts and wounds, product of the personal duel with Chivas forward Cristian Calderón during the National Classic

America’s right back Jorge Sanchez constantly crossed paths with the Chivas attacker Cristian Calderon on that side during the National Classic and, after the game, showed the wounds of said battle in social networks and ironic about the arbitration work carried out by the central judge César Ramos.

“Let him continue, it was nothing” published the 23-year-old defender, accompanied by an image that shows his left leg with a couple of wounds on the shin and several bruises.

Before halftime at the Azteca Stadium, a foul by Sergio Flores on Pedro Aquino unleashed an outbreak between both sides and Sánchez took the opportunity to angrily claim Calderón Regarding the sweep, which for a few more moments fueled the friction between players, until they were separated by Bruno Valdez.

The same way, A few minutes later, another lawsuit broke out in the Chivas area between Miguel Ponce and Henry Martín and, on this occasion, the transmission shows how Sánchez gives Flores a ‘zape’, which was not penalized for the braid.

After 90 minutes, Chivas and América drew goalless in one more edition of the National Classic. The Eagles’ next rival will be Pachuca at the Hidalgo Stadium, while Chivas will visit Querétaro.