Jorge Ruvalcaba, the Mexican-American jewel that Pumas discovered

The discovery of the striker in Los Angeles, California, was less than a year ago, and without any professional training, he has already scored his first goal in Liga MX, with the Pumas

Jorge Ruvalcaba he wrote on instagram: “soon you will hear from me”. At that time, the Los Angeles, California-born midfielder was playing for the Coyotes, a college club; Now he is part of the Pumas and attracts the spotlight, after scoring a goal 47 seconds into his debut in the MX League.

From the “soon they will know about me”, which he posted on his instagram, along with a photo in the Coyotes uniform, to the debut with the Pumas, 156 weeks passed, a viewing in Los Angeles, California, which brought him to the MX League and helped a Mexican-American prospect not get lost on the way to fulfilling the dream of being a professional soccer player.

Ruvalcaba passed the filters Pumas, in the United States and Mexico, to stop fighting shells with his friends and become a soccer player in the MX League, but before, his talent had caught the attention of Leganés of Spain, who were about to sign him, and his skill with the ball placed him on the radar of the minor teams in the country of the Stars and Stripes.

Pumas he hired him 183 days ago and in five months he gained confidence in the U-20 category. Ruvalcaba He arrived as an unknown to the university students and Andrés Lillini gave him relevance by taking him to the preseason. In the 5-0 win against Toluca, the coach gave the Mexican American a chance and debuted with a goal.

In the lower divisions of PumasThey say that he has a resemblance to Luis Flores, one of the historical ones of the university students, although he is taller than the former player of the auriazules. His 1.80 height help him stand out from the rest, in addition to showing good ball handling.

The native of Los Angeles, California, the day he signed his contract with Pumas, published: “this is only the beginning” and the followers of the university students hope that this is the case, that there is still much more.

A meteoric rise

a close to Pumas account that they saw Jorge Ruvalcaba near Los Angeles; They recommended it to Raúl Alpízar, director of basic forces. For a few hours he was on trial alongside hundreds of young hopefuls to join the club. That first filter passed him and he was invited to a camp in Mexico City along with other prospects.

Already in auriazul territory, Jorge Ruvalcaba He passed the second filter and also the last one approved by Carlos Cariño, who accepted him as part of the U-20 team. The youth coaches had no doubt that he has qualities that can continue to be developed, despite his age.

For the fortune of Pumas, no other professional club saw before Ruvalcaba, of whom it is known that in Los Angeles he was not in an organized club and only played with his friends on ‘cascaritas’ weekends.

Internally, it is considered “a rare case” that of Ruvalcaba, due to the way it appeared and the process it has had, since it only adds 10 games with the university students, nine with the U-20 representative directed by Carlos Cariño and the one on Monday with the First Division team directed by the coach Argentine Andrés Lillini, within the first date of the Closing 2022where he scored his first goal.


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Jorge Ruvalcaba, the Mexican-American jewel that Pumas discovered