Jorge Campos: “We have continued doing the same for thirty or forty years”

Jorge Campos expressed that economic matters are prioritized over sports and that the excessive number of foreigners in Liga MX will put the team in trouble

The exporter of the Mexican National Team Jorge Campos is not surprised by the marked setbacks of the team in the Concacaf tie heading to Qatar 2022, because “the system of doing things is the same as always”, since decades ago and economics is prioritized over sports.

In an interview for ESPN Jorge Campos assures that “the same thing has been done for thirty or forty years and the proof is that the Liga MX has multiple foreigners”.

“In my time there were four as a limit, but they were super high-level players who taught the kids to grow in football. We do not advance and we continue in the same way. If this continues, in the future there will not be players to the national team, we are going to have problems. There is no chance for the kids, they have no blanks, “he said.

The goalkeeper, a three-time World Cup player, emphasized that Mexico’s bad moment in the tie heading to Qatar 2022 is due “to all the planning of the four years, of all the years that there is and that there has been throughout all of Mexican soccer ”.

Jorge Campos added that “when this happens, we go against the coaches, against the players, and more about the coaches; This is our football that we have not understood that the most important thing is sports. And this has always happened, since I had the fortune of being in the National Team ”.

He also called on the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, Yon de Luisa, and the owners of Liga MX clubs to do something different.It is clear that only then will Mexican soccer take a different and better path.

For Jorge Campos, it is time to do things differently to think about going further in a World Cup, and adds that in all the stages, including those in which he lived, the Tricolor had lapses in which they suffered in the eliminatory due to loss of play.

Despite the above, he has no doubt that Mexico will qualify for Qatar 2022, because “the rivals are taking advantage of the bad moment of the team, but in the home games” they will overcome.


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Jorge Campos: “We have continued doing the same for thirty or forty years”