Jordi Alba: “The chip has changed”


11/22/2021 –

Jordi Alba knows that the game against him Benfica is vital for the future of Barcelona. The one of L’Hospitalet He hopes to get it through tomorrow and is convinced that Xavi he will do well as a coach.

Summary of Jordi Alba’s press conference

The environment

“It is clear that it was Xavi’s first game. When the Bara fans press … I have lived the other side with Valencia. There are games that the fans win”

What does Benfica expect tomorrow?

“As in the first leg. The cons do well, but they also have a lot of quality. Very good players individually, but who know what they play well. I don’t know how they will play, but I imagine with the same idea as in the first leg” .

What have you asked the veterans?

“What to anyone. Give everything for this shirt. I’m not going to reveal the individual talks either. It is an extra motivation to have him as a coach. At least for me. I will answer for him. We will do what we can to make him proud. That one. is the idea. “

One final tomorrow

“It is. We have to think positive and have a good attitude.”

Chip change

“That’s a thing for the physical trainer, who likes these games. These games before training are very fun. They make groups. The training sessions are being very fun and very demanding. We are happy. There have been changes, but I do not want to detract from the workers who have been before. In the end, the easiest thing is to fire the coach. When things are not going well, the players are also to blame. A change of coach is not pleasant, but we are fine with Xavi. “


“It doesn’t have to be easy to leave the pitch for this kind of thing. Neither easy nor pleasant. He’s upbeat. He’s a very positive guy. I think he encourages us more than the other way around. That’s something that belongs to him. He should say so. “

I rose less against Espanyol

“It doesn’t change anything in the way I play this system. I like to go up, but it doesn’t mean that if I don’t go up, it won’t be a good game. I saw the game repeated. I did a lot of good things apart from going up to attack. It is valued. at all times. You have to do what the master asks of us. ”

Rematch of the first leg

“That has to be proven tomorrow. Now it is useless to say it here. I think we made merits to win there. We had many chances to score that we could not score. We did not deserve a 3-0. I could see it from home and I don’t think so. That the houses were done so badly. We must not look at it as a revenge. We depend on us to go to the second round. “

Xavi’s hand

“I think it is normal for a group to have order, rules, how you want to take it. It is to have more of what we have been doing, but it does not have to change anything. Each one is responsible for what they do. and it helps us to value things better. “

The season is played

“Of course we are aware. Three days ago we see everything dark. Now we depend on ourselves to be able to go to the round of 16. We are going to try. To show that we can pass. That is the intention of the group.”

Heavy as a coach

“I only know him from this week. He always lived football with great intensity as a player. Now also as a coach. He has emphasized speaking with everyone, especially with those who did not play. That is positive for the whole team to get back to business. hook and believe in ourselves again. The other day the game against Espanyol was very good. We have to improve a lot, but I think the master is establishing very good ideas. “

Koeman did a very good job. With him we won a Cup when nobody thought about it


“He did a very good job. We won a Cup when nobody thought about it. I am very grateful to Koeman. I think Xavi was the man who had to come. Because of how he knows the house. He will surely help us a lot.”

Relationship with Xavi

“Huge respect. He already had it as a player and friend. It is a huge motivation. He will help us all a lot. It is a very great joy and it will surely help us grow. You have already seen that the team’s chip has changed”

The end of tomorrow

“It is clear that the derby gave us a lot of confidence. I think we deserved to win the game. We suffered more than 15 minutes, but the feelings are good. We are confident. Tomorrow is a final. We will try to win. We are very confident. We are motivated. In their stadium we had a lot of scoring chances, but we couldn’t convert them. It’s a rival to take into account, it will be very difficult. We have to take advantage of the fact that we play at home. “


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Jordi Alba: “The chip has changed”