Jonathan Dos Santos: “I wanted to play for America, but now my wish is to retire at the Galaxy”

The possibility that Jonathan dos Santos one day play for America seems to be moving away, after the player, exclusively with ESPN Digital, did not rule out the option of retiring with the Galaxy

USA — Jonathan Dos Santos, a midfielder for the Mexican National Team, has forgotten the dream of playing in the America, because now he aims to withdraw with Los Angeles Galaxy, his current team and with which he has one year left on his contract.

It would not be bad at all, the truth is that I have always said that I would have loved to play for America, it is true that it is my last year of contract at the Galaxy, but I have also always stated that my desire is to stay in the Galaxy for the rest of me. life, I would love to retire here. I enjoy the present, ”said Jonathan Dos Santos, Mexican national team and ambassador for the Konami video game company.

Jonathan Dos Santos’s father, Zizinho (RIP), and his brother, Gio Dos Santos, have already had the opportunity to play with the Eagles’ jersey, while the LA Galaxy midfielder makes it a priority to continue with the MLS team until the end of his career. Between jokes, with Efraín Álvarez, also a Mexican national, the midfielder admits that he would not say no to Chivas.

Never say no, that’s what I learned, never say no, because you never know where you’re going to end up, but I don’t think (go to Chivas)”.

With a one-year contract in force, Jona Dos Santos also has another medium-term goal: to go to Qatar in 2022, because the 2018 World Cup in Russia “is as if he hadn’t been there”.

“It is a dream, I hope it can happen. I went to the World Cup in Russia, but I did not play, for me it is as if I had not been in that World Cup, because I did not play, for a player the important thing is to play and have a complete dream. I have one year left, I’m going to prepare and hopefully I can be there, to look for the fifth game, something that Mexico is waiting for ”, added the midfielder of the Mexican National Team.