Joaquín del Olmo, new sports director of Bravos

The Juárez team announced their incorporation highlighting their experience as a soccer player, manager and manager in Mexican and European soccer.

Joaquín del Olmo returns to Mexican soccer as a director of FC Juárez, the border team announced in a statement.

The 52-year-old Mexican coach returns to Liga MX as a manager, after a six-year experience as sports director for Real Oviedo in Spanish soccer.

The Braves de Juárez highlighted the experience of Joaquín del Olmo in the facets of player, coach and manager, both in Mexican soccer and in European football.

Del Olmo Blanco started as a technical assistant in 2006, with Tigres de los Mochis and it would be three years later that he became the coach of a team, the Red Sharks of Veracruz in the Liga de Ascenso. He got promotion to the First Division with Tijuana and had a brief stint at Pumas, his only experiences in the top circuit.

In 2014 he left for Spain to direct the Real Oviedo sports project from his office, a position he held until 2020 and since then he has not assumed a position within a football club.

Joaquín del Olmo replaces José Antonio Noriega, his predecessor in office who fired the border club in August 2020, when he became a sports advisor.

Miguel Ángel Garza and ‘Tuca’ Ferretti add one more piece to the board for the Braves.