Joao Rojas signs a double and Emelec wins the Clásico del Astillero: 2-1 | National Championship | sports

The millionaire club adds three points against Barcelona that allow it to continue on the trail of the leader of the stage, Independiente del Valle.

Joao Joshimar Rojas signed a double and was Emelec’s ace, who won 2-1 this Sunday night at the Clásico del Astillero against Barcelona Sporting Club.

With its celebration at the George Capwell stadium on the eleventh day, the millionaire team – winner of the initial round of Serie A 2021 – follows the track in the second stage classification of the leader Independiente del Valle, with four dates remaining for the end: three points separate them and both teams will meet in November.

The dawn of the engagement at Capwell was of blue rule. With daring shots, the Uruguayan Facundo Barceló put goalkeeper Javier Burrai to the test, who always caught the ball.

It did not take long to open the account with a showy goal from Rojas. Bryan Carabalí managed to recover the ball and gave up for Emelec’s 10, who controlled and released a right hand that he found just ahead of Burrai. Despite the stretch of the Canarian goalkeeper, the shot inflated the nets, unleashing the joy in the stands (minute 16), where the fans returned after 735 days for a crash of this magnitude.

The yellow ones elaborated little, but they found both the equality thanks to the skill of Mastriani. Michael Carcelén drove into the box and his pass was half blocked by Dixon Arroyo. It was controlled by the Uruguayan center-forward and, in the match, managed to sneak the ball through the corner of the goal with his left foot.

The local reduced the revolutions shortly after the Colombian Alexis Zapata tried with a header, an attempt that was also seen in the opposite goal with Carlos Garcés as the protagonist.

The complement suffered a pause between minutes 49 and 55 due to disturbances in the general Av. Quito. The referee Augusto Aragón decided to stop the game and resume it later, after the National Police entered the stands to impose control. In the previous one, incidents had been registered outside the Capwell.

Facundo Barceló (right) tries to overcome the marking of Luis Fernando León. Photo: The Universe

Back to the game, Rojas was confirmed as the figure of the match when he scored 2-1. José Cevallos passed Romario Caicedo on the right and the latter sent the ball into the area. Barceló failed to push the ball twice, with Alejandro Cabeza returning the round to the small area and Byron Castillo saving his goal line at the goal line. In the denouement, the blue 10 appeared, jumping to connect headfirst.

The skilled attacker could have signed a hat trick; however, his shot at minute 76 was cleared by the post.

The bullfighters did not lower their arms, however Mastriani was right in the final minutes.

The Classic did not have captains Damián Díaz and Sebastián Rodríguez, from Barcelona and Emelec, respectively. The first one suffers an injury, according to the yellow club, while the second is serving a suspension.

With the victory, the millionaire team reaches 21 points in the phase and is three behind the Independent leader. The bullfighting team is in eighth position with 15 units and sees its illusion of the national bicampeonato vanish.

Emmanuel Martínez, from Barcelona, ​​falls under pressure from electrician Bryan Carabalí. Photo: Carlos Barros

“I am very happy, I have no more words of thanks,” Rojas told TV after the game. “If I stayed in January, it was to be champion this year”.

Emelec vs. Barcelona SC – Minute by minute


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Joao Rojas signs a double and Emelec wins the Clásico del Astillero: 2-1 | National Championship | sports