Jesús Corona: The defeat against Pumas took a long toll, I saw the group hurt

Jesús Corona indicated that Cruz Azul must learn from mistakes and not stumble in a play-off against Monterrey or Liguilla, in case of advancing

The goalkeeper Jesus Crown He assured that the defeat against Pumas had a deep impact on Cruz Azul’s spirit, a team that cannot make such mistakes again or fail in intensity during the playoffs or a possible Liguilla, if it aspires to be two-time Liga MX champion.

“It got pretty cool. I saw the group hurt, crestfallen and clear, very upset. It is something that hit us a lot and this has to teach us that this type of situation can happen, but there are ways to win, lose or draw and these forms did not like the group in general at all. We are at a good time to reverse it in this repechage instance, ”Corona said in an interview with ESPN.

The goalkeeper of La ‘Machine’ spoke about the self-criticism made by coach Juan Reynoso and the players after taking a 3 to 1 advantage last Sunday against Pumas and lose the game by a score of 4-3.

“Beyond these modifications or movements of the teacher Juan (Reynoso), one must resolve the situations within the field of play and take charge of each one of his role within the field,” he said.

Corona mentioned that the defeat by thrashing against Monterrey a few weeks ago in the second leg of the Concacaf Champions League should be a lesson for Cruz Azul in the repechage match, in which the team that loses will be eliminated.

On the other hand, he asked the celestial fans to be aware of how they harm the team by the discriminatory chants from the stands, after the club will assume the consequences of playing the playoff game against Monterrey behind closed doors at the Azteca Stadium,

“That they understand the fans that harm their team, they harm the show; they have to be aware and that they go to the stadium to enjoy it. Families go, children go; we are an example for all of them and that they simply go to enjoy it, each one encouraging his team and respecting, “he said.

In addition, he emphasized that it will hurt them to play without an audience against Monterrey, because they wanted to be with their people in their stadium.

“Because of this sanction it will not be possible. We must abide by the regulations, but let them know that, that they also harm us because we would like them to be encouraging us.”

Finally, Corona assured that, despite the bad closing of the tournament, Cruz Azul has a team to achieve the two-time championship.

“We know that we need everyone, the best version of each of the members of this team,” he said. “We have the necessary team, with the quality and the experience so that the championship can be achieved, now the case is to show it match by match,” he concluded.


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Jesús Corona: The defeat against Pumas took a long toll, I saw the group hurt