Japan comes down from the clouds to Mexico and gives it a painful defeat at the Tokyo Olympics – Ten – Diario Deportivo

Japan comes down from the clouds to Mexico and gives

After thrashing 4-1 a France, the Mexico national team fell 2-1 in Saitama to Japan for the second date of Group A of the men’s soccer tournament and now he must ensure a resounding victory against the already eliminated South Africa, on the last day of the bracket, to qualify for the quarterfinals.

Honduras remnants over New Zealand in Tokyo

The Japanese, who had started with a 1-0 victory against the Africans, quickly took the lead with so many from their star Takafuse kubor at 6 minutes and from the midfielder Ritsu doan of penalty (11), which leaves them as the lonely leaders of their classification.

The admitted Roberto Alvarador (85) made it 2-1 with a free throw that went over the fence from Kosei tani, when the Tri Olímpico played with ten men for expulsion of Johan Vasquez (68).

Japan add six units, three more than they accumulate Mexico Y France, which this Sunday was imposed in a crazy party on the hour to South Africa with a triplet from the attacker André-Pierre Gignac.

The Aztec team first warned with a raid of Alexis Vega ill defined the first minute. But the locals hit with the ‘Japanese Messi’ Kubo, who sent the ball to the net after an overflow to the right of Doni (5). The steering wheel of the Real Madrid He thus added his second goal in the tournament, after signing 1-0 against the South Africans.

Six minutes later the bucket of cold water arrived for the pupils of Jaime lozano. Cesar Montes he threw himself to sweep in his area at the wrong time and dragged his rival. The Portuguese referee Artur Days he whistled a penalty and Doan nailed him to Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa the 2-0 from the twelve steps.

From there the forward of the Betis, Diego Lainez, was the one that contributed more depth to the tricolor attack, but Vega Y Henry Martin, who had not been able to score in the win against the French, were not clear and constantly lost to the rear led by the experienced Maya Yoshida.

In the second half, the Jimmy Lozano moved the bench trying to change the formula, but Japan he shielded himself and every so often he bothered with Kubo, the boy raised soccer player in Spain who knew how to keep the ball well and break the rhythm of the game looking for fouls.

They stayed with one less

Mexican illusions were much more limited to 68 minutes, when Johan Vasquez he swept an Asian to the edge of the area and the referee showed him the direct red card.

He leaves the Olympics because of the nationality of his rival

With ten men, the business of Mexico was not to receive more so many to play the pass in front of South Africa with a good quota of goals in favor, which serve as added value in case of equality in second place.

First ‘Memo’ Ochoa managed to cover a heads-up, avoiding the 3-0, and with five minutes to go, a free kick from Roberto Alvarado he snuck into the fence Kosei tani (85) decreeing the final 2-1.

Japan in this way they took revenge for the defeat in the semifinals of London 2012, when the Mexican Under-23 won 3-1 and went to the grand final against Brazil, in which he won his first Olympic gold in front of the cast of a certain Neymar.