James Rodríguez: the reason he was not hired in Italy

It’s known that James Rodriguez wanted to leave Everton, that his businessman, Jorge Mendes, was looking for equipment like crazy, that he spoke here, there, but the Colombian had to stay in England.

An agreement could not be reached, despite the hard work of Mendes, who searched in several countries, spoke with many teams and could not reach an agreement for James to leave the club. Liverpool.

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Well, Faustino Asprilla, former Colombian soccer player, who was a star in Parma and English Newcastle, today I support ESPN, told the reasons why James he did not go to football in Italy.

“In the qualifying rounds, in Barranquilla, I ran into a businessman. We met in a restaurant. He speaks Spanish very well, he is Italian, he works with the Manchester people. He told me a story that James, right now in this market, was offered to all the teams in Italy and no one wanted to receive him because of the problems he was speaking on Twitch, “said the former striker.

And he added: “They were even offering them half their salary. That man is a very important businessman, I said that without asking him. Nobody received him and he is the scorer of a World Cup ”.

Asprilla warned that he was one of those in charge of opening the Colombian soccer market in Italy and that it is not easy to reach a team and succeed.

“When a footballer makes a name in Europe they respect that a lot and it’s easy to get hired. What worries is that they have to call to raffle James for all the teams and nobody chooses him. Normally they would have to fight over him. Milan did not go to ask, they had to offer it to analyze the possibility, “said Asprilla.

James does not have a good time at Everton. Rafael Beníntez, the coach does not take it into account, as a result of the bad relationship that both had in the Real Madrid.

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