James could be suspended throughout 2021 after assaulting referee | VIDEO

After not entering into Everton’s plans, James Rodríguez was signed by Al Rayyan of Qatar, club where has not had the best start to the season and now his situation is a little more serious, since eThe Colombian lost his head, attacked a referee and it could be disabled all 2021.

The James Rodríguez’s Rayyan fell in his last game league, a fact that puts them in an unflattering situation, since they are located in the middle part of the table and they have moved away by 15 points from the leader Al-Sadd of Xavi Hernández.

What happened to James Rodríguez?

The match between the Al Rayyan and Al Arabi, same that ended up winning the seconds but the end of the game was very intense, since after a lack, that was more, madness broke out with James Rodríguez.

According to information from Qatar, James Rodríguez suffered a hard tackle in the aggregate, just before the match ends, but the whistler only showed the offender the yellow, fact that he did enrage the Colombian.

As seen in the video, James Rodríguez receives a yellow card by the uniformed and immediately enraged, going to claim him with everything and not only that, but pushes his own companions, He faces the referee, laughs at him and then is sent off for a preventive double card.

The regulation of the Qatar League it’s clear and James would be facing 4 rapes at the same, so he could not play for the remainder of 2021 in addition to a hefty financial fine. The codes he broke was for unsportsmanlike conduct, attempted physical assault, assault and disrespect to the referee.

By Unsportsmanlike conduct would be creditor to 4 sets of suspension, for him attempted assault on 10 and for the assaults that showed a maximum of 24, so now all the responsibility falls on the authorities to determine how long they disqualify James Rodríguez. He is seldom seen that way.


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James could be suspended throughout 2021 after assaulting referee | VIDEO