Jaime Lozano, with the baton in the Bench del Tri over Gerardo Martino

Despite the presence of the coach of the senior national team, ‘Jimmy’ had control of the instructions in the duel against Panama

At the end of the first half, Gerardo Martino He waited until the last to go out talking with Jaime lozano, heading to the locker room. Regardless of the fact that in theory the ‘Tata’ was the technical director of the Mexican team who faced Panama, but in practice the most active was the ‘Jimmy.’

In the goal of Mexico, courtesy of Diego Lainez, The team of Jaime lozano celebrated, while Gerardo Martino, accompanied by Norberto Scoponi, remained static, in one of the corners of the bench.

Due to commercial commitments, Gerardo Martino had to be in Nashville in front of the Olympic Mexican National Team, which faced Panama. The ‘Tata’ traveled two days before the game from Los Angeles, where the Greater Tricolor is located, to lead a practice, give a conference and be on the bench in the game between Panama.

On the bench, ‘Tata’ Martino left Jaime Lozano’s group to free the coach of the Under 23 Mexican National Team. Few times, the Argentine and the Mexican exchanged comments during the game.

On the field, the Olympic team that will represent Mexico at Tokyo 2020, a process that has led Jaime lozano. The two teams were separated since last week, because the Greater Tricolor will play the Gold Cup and the ‘Jimmy’ team will be in Japan.

The game notebook was in the hands of ‘Jimmy’, while Gerardo Martino I was just one more spectator of the game between Mexico and Panama.

After this match, Lush will return to Mexico, to concentrate on the CAR and then travel to Japan, where they will face France, Japan and South Africa, while Gerardo Matino He will return to Los Angeles to play a game against Nigeria and make his Gold Cup debut on July 10.