Jafet Soto: “Mexico wants to win games without playing, in pure name”

The former Monarcas and Pachuca player believes that Héctor Herrera’s statements are “excuses” for the poor performance they show on the court

Costa Rica is played tomorrow against the national team of Mexico much of your ticket to the Qatar World Cup 2022, the present of the tricolor is complex, they do not depend on themselves to be in qualifying or playoff positions.

For this reason, the importance of adding is transcendental, be it a draw or a victory, but Costa Rica bring points in the bag is vital, that’s how forceful it was Jafet Soto in conversation with ESPNYes, the former Monarcas player is hopeful for the performance that the Aztec team has presented in recent games.

“I feel positive, I feel positive and I think it’s a Clásico for us, for us it’s important, they changed their Clásico against the United States, it’s a nice stadium but it doesn’t weigh, much less, without people, 2000 people aren’t going to be no chaos for us, rather it is to take advantage of the pressure that the Mexican team has due to the level they have shown,” said Soto, who today is general manager of Fuerza Herediana, administrator of Club Sport Herediano, current champion of Tico football.

“I think things have to be separated, they have to improve their level just like us, we depend on the football that we show on the field, and also on the effort, attitude, but above all it is possible, it is possible, Costa Rica he can compete, La Sele has been growing, we hope that this performance will continue”, he added on the same subject.

Jafet Soto did not want to leave aside the statements made by the Mexican Héctor Herrera, in which he was direct when saying that the local fans in the Aztec stadium does not put as much pressure on the rival team as much as the fans feel in Costa Rica or Honduras.

“He said it Hector Herrera, that he Aztec stadium It doesn’t weigh like other stadiums, but that seems to me to sound like an excuse, the stadium doesn’t weigh, what weighs is football, the game as such, and if we have courage, character, I’m sure that tomorrow we can add ”, Soto explained.

Jafet knows a lot about the Mexican environment, in addition to having played in Monarcas Morelia and Pachuca, the former Costa Rican player also stood out in Tecos and Puebla in a career on Aztec soil that began in 1995 and ended in 2004.

Therefore, compared to what he saw before, Soto maintains that Hector Herrera wants to throw an argument that hides little self-criticism towards the level of the group directed by Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino.

“I think it’s a way of looking for something to be able to say something that football-wise we all know that going to the Aztec stadium It is not going to play against the stadium, but against a Mexican team full of figures in the past that made the Aztec stadium, like ‘Zague’, Héctor Campos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, etc.”, he quoted.

“The story to Costa Rica It doesn’t give much credit for what we’ve achieved over time, a game won, some draws, but football is like that, how many times have you gone to play? It is not a club that you go to many times, it is a different flavor as a national team”, he argued Jafet Soto in conversation with ESPN.

To end, Jafet Soto further fueled against the performance of the Mexican national team arguing that they boast of a high level in Qualifiers, however, to what he thinks, on only one occasion have they overwhelmed in the qualifying process for World Cups.

“I think that sometimes they want to win without playing, in pure name, and it has become clear, how much did Mexico have of not winning in Costa Rica? I haven’t done it for a long time, it seems to me that the reality is that sometimes you want to win at the point of the media, history, and the only Qualifiers left over with great football, adding up on all the pitches was with Ricardo La Volpe after they went suffering over time,” he argued.

“Jamaica gave us an example of honor, they were winning 1-0 with ten men, they scored the winning goal at 92′, the pressure is really Mexico It is very big, it is not found collectively, they tied it individually, it dominated the entire first half, yes, but it does not have the solvency of other times in the Qualifiers, but well, they have been very complicated, for Brazil they had to go to New Zealand ”, he finished Jafet Soto to ESPN.

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Jafet Soto: “Mexico wants to win games without playing, in pure name”