Jacqueline Ovalle gives Tigres a slight advantage in an intense final against America

The Amazonas achieved a score in their favor thanks to a great goal from ‘La Maga’ to seek to close the championship at home.

America was a victim of his inefficiency on the pitch Aztec stadium and was defeated by tigers by a score of 0-1, with a goal from Jacqueline Ovallein the first leg of the final for the Opening Tournament 2022 of the Women’s MX League.

Tonight was a historic game, since an attendance record was broken in the category, with 52,654 fans in the Azteca stands.

The Eagles are in trouble, while the Amazons knew how to do their job, which was to contain and take advantage of the only chance they had thanks to an individual play that occurred early in the second half. Nothing is written, but the advantage you have tigers could be the beginning of obtaining his fifth title in the Women’s MX League.

As a final requires, the start was hectic, with arrivals and emotions in both goals, although that pace of play did not last even 10 minutes. Kiana PalaciosbyAmericabrought the first danger to the area and then tigers It created an arrival of fear and the rear pushed away the danger.

Near the 17th minute the first controversial play appeared. Kiana Palacios made a clear plank and the referee used the VAR to determine if it was missing, something incredible; As if that were not enough, the player of the America he only took the yellow, thus saving himself from expulsion.

At 22′, katy martinez he flew it, in the first great action of the Eagles, three touches from the left wing.

tigers lost one of their leaders, Bianca Sierra, due to injury at minute 25 ‘after her knee was locked in a slide and was replaced by Natalia Villarreal. The Amazons continued to hold the Americaand it was until minute 40 that Katty Martinez He made a mid-range shot looking for the rival goal, but it did not work.

The team led by the Spanish Angel Villacampa It was ineffective and it was of little use to be the dominator, so they went into the break with the 0-0.

The start of the second half was unexpected for the thousands of fans who filled the stands of the Aztec stadium.

At 47′, tigers scored on a mid-range shot, the ball went past Itzel Gonzaleza great goal Jacqueline Ovallethe league’s top scorer Women’s MX Leagueto give a slight advantage to the Amazons.

America put all the meat on the grill. She had no other choice. She suffered as it happened against Chivas in semifinals. At 51′, the Eagles got dangerously close with a cross shot that was stopped by the goalkeeper Cecilia Santiago.

“Go Go Americatonight you have to win!”, rumbled the Aztec stadiumand so they looked for the tie against tigers, which they did not find since there was no tranquility in their football. The Eagles could not round off a play with a goal, it was nervousness that prevented them from being forceful in front of the rival goal.

America he died on the line. the pupils of Angel Villacampa They must improve for the second leg at the Volcano, because without a goal there is no title.

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Jacqueline Ovalle gives Tigres a slight advantage in an intense final against America