It was his last letter: Ramos went to Ancelotti not to leave Real Madrid

One of the last resources he appealed to to try to continue in the it was the Italian coach, Carlo Ancelotti. The ‘camero’ drew from his last letters to try to convince to maintain the offer, but the now coach of the ‘White House’ could do little or nothing, according to Diario Marca.

Sergio Ramos, now a PSG player and awaiting his debut, tried to make use of every possibility before leaving Real Madrid, a club he joined in 2005. The ‘camero’ saw the possibility that it was Carlo Ancelotti who intercede to try to convince the president when the offer expired.

As it is recalled, Ramos’ contract expired at the end of June, but he maintained a renewal offer from Madrid that he did not accept in the first instance. The defender was looking to continue for two years, while the club only offered him one. The conversations were stalled, but he did not imagine that time would play against him.

Florentino Pérez did not give his arm to twist and closed all negotiations when the ‘camero’ had already accepted the initial offer. It is there where, according to ‘Marca’, Ramos makes one last move: a call to his former coach and with whom he conquered the ‘Tenth’ Champions in the 2013-14 season.

The call had occurred on the same day as his official presentation as the new Real Madrid team manager. Ramos took the opportunity to call him and congratulate him on his choice, but in the process ask for his help to renew.

The answer from ‘Carletto’ was that at the point where the negotiation had reached, he was totally beyond his powers so he could not help him in any way. It only took 15 days for Sergio Ramos to leave Real Madrid and arrive, at zero cost, at PSG where he is recovering from an injury to make his debut.

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