“It was a nice trip; There is not much left”: Cristiano Ronaldo puts an end date to his retirement from football

A beautiful stage for him, as for millions of followers around the planet. The player of , recognized this Friday that they do not lack “Many years to stop playing” to football, although he waits “continue winning things in the next 4 or 5 years”at the same time as it is “happy” for having “left a mark” at all the clubs he has played for.

My life was a very beautiful journey. I left a mark everywhere I’ve been. I believe that there is no player in history who can reach, well, the figures he can reach, but have that pride of saying ‘where I have gone, I have left my mark’. And that makes me happy”, expressed the Portuguese striker in an interview with DAZN collected by Europa Press.

In this conversation, Ronaldo analyzed his career, his present and his future, even addressing his possible retirement. “I know that it won’t be many years before I stop playing, I hope 4 or 5 more, but I hope to continue winning things”, admitted the ‘7’ of the ‘Red Devils’, proud of his career.

With his transfer to Man Utd, Christian revolutionized the last summer transfer market again. A long-awaited return to the club he grew up with in European football. “I think I didn’t disappoint expectations, because maybe people were expecting a different Cristiano, and no. It was the other way around: I arrived, I arrived well, scoring goals, mainly in the Champions League, where I scored in every game”, He pointed out about the fans and the expectation that his return generated.

You have to be smart and say that when you’re 8, 20 or 25, it’s not the same as 35. That’s the maturity, the experience, the intelligence of understanding that you might lose in some things but win in others and have the correct balance to be able to continue competing and be at the highest level”, he explained Christianat 37 years old, about the maturity reached in recent years.

Finally, asked about how world football legends such as Maradona, Cruyff or Pelé left football at their age or even younger, the Portuguese highlighted that “in the past times they didn’t have as many parties as today”. “I am almost certain that none of those players played more than 1,000 games and I have already passed that figure, which is very high.”, settled.

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“It was a nice trip; There is not much left”: Cristiano Ronaldo puts an end date to his retirement from football