It smells like a corridor in the Metropolitan

Gto the Real Madrid to Osasuna and left LaLiga finished. Only the Bara, mathematically, can remove it. And the whites have an 18-point advantage over the azulgrana. With two more games, yes, but with five games to go… Impossible for Madrid to escape the title. So all that remains is to put a date on it. And as is the BarcelonaEverything points to Madrid being champions next week. As soon as Barcelona don’t win one of their next three games, the Whites by beating Espanyol will be champions. It smells like a corridor in the Metropolitan.

The victory against Osasuna was marked by a great match from Madrid, serious, full of rotations. Camavinga and Rodrygo shone and the news was that Benzema did not score. What’s more, I missed two penalties! The worst news, Alaba’s injury.

Camavinga was the boss

The midfielder signed a great match playing ‘5’. And that as soon as he started he saw a yellow card for a play in which he cleanly took the ball. De Burgos, with his mistake, could condition him for the remainder of the game, especially after what happened at Pizjun, but the Frenchman scored a great game, full of personality and quality. He shared the game at the start of the play, had a good run, was dynamic and left a spectacular pass to Ceballos on the 1-2 play. Madrid has a diamond in Camavinga.

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Throwing two penalties (or more) in the same game…

Benzema is not going through a good run from eleven meters. He missed two against Osasuna, both thrown in the same way against Sergio Rico, who won the psychological battle, especially on the second pitch. There are four maximum penalties that Karim has missed in the last two months, adding the ones he missed against Alavs and Celta. Against the latter, precisely, he shot three and scored two.

Many coaches say that it is not a good idea to take two penalties in the same game against the same goalkeeper, but let’s see who tells Benzema, who has scored 39 goals this season, not to insist from eleven meters…

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This sure is a penalty!

In full controversy over hands, VAR and penalties, Chimy agreed with everyone for the first time. The striker committed the clearest penalty in the League, stealing a ball from Rodrygo without dissimulation with his hand. Chimy lost his mind, probably exhausted from the effort. Because he took a beating going up and down the band. Great player.

It smells like a corridor in the Metropolitan
Zidane warm up what are you going out

LaLiga is over

To the title, we mean. only the Madrid and Barcelona they can mathematically win LaLiga and right now the azulgrana team is 18 points behind. He has two games less, yes, but there is no League. If it is not this Sunday without playing, it looks like next week he will be champion. It smells like a corridor in the Metropolitan…

1623796016 56 Well it turns out that Pogba was not a whim

Rodrygo is unstoppable

Together with Camavinga, he was the best Real Madrid player. He played on the left, which is his ideal position, and he came out. He caused two penalties and was a dagger, overflowing rivals and leaving high-quality technical details. He is sweet and looks like he will be a fundamental weapon in the tie against City.

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It smells like a corridor in the Metropolitan