Isco has disappeared

Isco was one of those men Ancelotti had decided to win back for the cause. The man from Malaga already earned a status during the Italian’s first stage in the Whites, and both wanted to repeat that partnership that worked so well in their time. Hence, during the first weeks of competition, Isco appeared recurrently in the team, even as a starter. It was from the game in two of the first three league games. He had 59 minutes against him I raised and 66 against Betis, and left very good feelings in both.

However, since then, his presence in the plans of Carletto they have clearly gone under. Of the last ten games he has only participated in three: Valencia (12 ‘), Mallorca (18’ with a goal included) and Villarreal (9 ‘). Against the Yellow Submarine, on September 25, it was the last time he dressed short. He has not played for a single minute since then. In fact, he has not even debuted in the Champions League, and in LaLiga he only adds 166 minutes.

There were four meetings in which Arroyo de la Miel did not even make the call. The reason was intense back pain, an area of ​​the body that has already caused problems at other times in his career. However, there are four others who have been summoned but who have seen their integrity from the bench. The last, the 1-2 victory in Elche. There are already six that he chains without playing.

Isco is, today, the last midfielder in the rotation (not counting Ceballos, injured). Casemiro, Kroos and Modric have re-established themselves in the starting position. But the problem for the former Malaga is that Frederick Valverde and Camavinga are currently ahead of him. The first, injured, is being a very important piece for his energy and versatility (add 908 minutes played). The second, star signing, has entered the team with force and Ancelotti prefers him for his physical superiority (529 ‘in ten games). In fact, his signing at the end of August coincides with Isco’s loss of prominence.

Not even the possible wear and tear that Kroos and Modric are suffering opens a gap for him. The German has played practically everything since he returned from his injury (80% of the minutes available). The 36-year-old Croat has already had a muscle problem this year, as well as some fatigue in his legs. This has not prevented him from starting nine games and playing ten out of 14 possible.

This will be, except for surprise, Isco’s last season as a white player. His contract with Madrid ends in June 2022 and there are no signs of renewal. In fact, there are already several markets in which both the club and he have been open to looking for a way out, although it has never materialized. Seguriá struggling to add minutes and be able to say goodbye by contributing his grain of sand. His problem is that, right now, he is going to have a difficult time counting on minutes.

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Isco has disappeared