In the case of Joao Maleck, relatives of victims denounce threats

The case where the footballer Joao Maleck was involved added a new complaint by the relatives of one of the victims, María Fernanda Peña

The relatives of Maria Fernanda Peña They filed a complaint with the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office, after they have received threats, after continuing to ‘move’ in the case where their daughter María Fernanda Peña died along with her husband Alejandro ‘C’, in the road accident in the who was involved Joao maleck.

Through our legal representatives, Dr. Anuar Salvador García Gutiérrez and Master Carlos Galván Rivera, we have found ourselves in the need to file a complaint with the State Prosecutor’s Office dated October 21, 2021This is derived from the threats we have been subjected to on various occasions, letting us know that if we continue to “move” the case related to the murder of our daughter María Fernanda and her husband Alejandro by the footballer Joao Maleck “they are going to get the hell out of it. “the family said in the statement.

The same way, The relatives of María Fernanda Peña emphasized that they will continue with the hearing to clarify grievances, this in order to get the player to obtain a greater sanction and after the road accident in 2019.

“It is known to all that on September 28, 2021, the Eighth District Judge of Amparo in Criminal Matters of the State of Jalisco, granted constitutional protection, ordering the Tenth Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the State of Jalisco, The hearing for clarification of grievances is held and with this a great door is opened to achieve what has always been our only demand, which is “JUSTICE” be done and those who drive while intoxicated and Speeding are properly punished. it takes the life of two human beings, ”he added.

In the end, they emphasized that they are continuing with the case because they seek to set a precedent and thereby create awareness in society so that similar situations such as the accident where their daughter lost her life do not continue to occur.

“We know that nothing is going to bring Fernanda back to life, unfortunately it is the greatest certainty we have, and her ABSENCE is the most SERIOUS, DEEPENDING and PAINFUL; that is why we seek to leave a precedent, a before and after his murder, for the GOOD OF ALL !! Create awareness in our society so that “IF YOU DRINK, DO NOT DRIVE” ENOUGH of more deaths of innocents at the hands of Drunk Drivers !! ”, he concluded.

The footballer Joao Maleck was released in the Puente Grande prison, Jalisco, after having paid a bail of 3 million pesos; The player was in prison, after having caused the death of two people in a road accident in 2019.


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In the case of Joao Maleck, relatives of victims denounce threats