In El Salvador they “threaten” El Tri: We are not going to the World Cup, but we beat Mexico

Mexican Dieter Vargas, current player for Once Deportivo, shared that the general thought on Salvadoran soil is to defeat Martino’s team

Mexico will face El Salvador this Wednesday on the field of the Cuscatlán Stadium and according to the Mexican Dieter vargas, who are active in the Once Deportivo of the Salvadoran league, the mentality among the fans and the Central American national team is to make life impossible for the team he directs Gerardo Martino.

In interview for ESPN, the former player of teams such as San Luis and Tigres mentioned that for The Savior it is a game to win “yes or yes”.

“It is the game that they want to win yes or yes and more in Cuscatlán. My teammates have told me that the game against Mexico is to win yes or yes. They won’t be able to go to the World Cup, but Mexico has to be beaten here and if they don’t win, Mexico won’t win here. It is what they say and want. As I am Mexican, the comments come, “said the defender.

The World Cup qualifying match against the Tri represents a great rivalry within The Savior, that’s why their mission is to defeat Mexico, something that they have only achieved once by being local.

“The Salvadoran fans want to beat Mexico. They have confidence in their team and spoke with people from here and only once have they beaten them. Right now they have a lot of confidence in their team ”, declared Vargas.

In the same vein, Dieter vargas mentioned that the change of technician and the results he has obtained The Savior as a local in the World Cup tie gives them hope of obtaining an important score, since they drew without goals with USA and beat Panama.

“It is a team that has resurfaced in terms of its footballing level, there is a lot of hope and more for the results they have had. The draw against the United States, the victory against Panama and the people and the selected teams are very excited to play against Mexico”, Declared Dieter.

Dieter vargas expressed that the Mexican team is not experiencing its best football moment, despite being the leader in the final octagonal of the Concacaf, so this could be a factor against to win on the field of Cuscatlan.

“I think it is going to be complicated for the Mexican team. Not only did I mention it, but we all see a Mexico with great players, but they have failed to reflect that superiority and the selection of The Savior will try to take advantage of it and more with the weight of Cuscatlan, the support they have in the stands and they will want to take advantage of it yes or yes. It really is like that, not one, not two, but all with whom I talk to me mention it. Literal is “We are not going to the World Cup, but we beat Mexico here and if we win, they don’t beat us either”. For them, playing against Mexico makes them great and it will be complicated, “he said.