In Costa Rica they put “Chepe Bomba” back in his place and the Panamanian presenter answered them


The selection of Costa Rica has already secured its place in the playoffs heading to Qatar World Cup 2022 after their victory against El Salvador and after the defeat of Panama in United States. The direct ticket seems more than complicated in the absence of a day.

The Canal team has had to say goodbye to Qatar World Cup in the last two dates of the Concacaf qualifiers, after drawing with Honduras and after the 5-1 beating received by the Americans.

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Once confirmed that Panama ran out of options to qualify Qatar 2022on Costa Rica has once again attacked one of the most controversial journalists in canal lands, José Miguel Domínguez, better known as “Chepe Bomba”.

TD More He recalled a message left by the Panamanian presenter on January 24 of this year.

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“I see to Panama beating Costa Rica, a team of grandparents. His time has passed. Costa Rica did not prepare for the generational change. Panama is today a young, dynamic, fast and orderly squad. The best: Those with experience do not even reach 34 years of age. Let’s go for the historical feat “, he wrote Chepe Bomb a few weeks ago.

The Costa Rican television channel, TD Morepublished said message and threw a dart: “The devil knows more for being old than for being a devil.”

Given this, Chepe Bomb did not hesitate to respond to the Ticos: “Congratulations, Costa Rica managed to come back. Tremendous result for you. For its part, Panama suffered a huge setback and was left out of the big party. It will be the next time. You can fall a thousand times, but getting up is mandatory. #LieNoEs”.

More of Chepe

Chepe Bomb has made it clear that the main culprit for the failure of Panama in this tie it is the coach Thomas Christiansen and he did not hesitate to charge with everything.

“Major (and monumental) failure of Thomas Christiansen with the Panama National Team. Everything was given to him: trainers, assistants, investment, microcycles, etc., and he failed, he failed. Should you continue with Panama? You must make your charge available. He never made it on the big dates,” she wrote on his Twitter account.

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Likewise, he awaits the departure of the Dane who directs the Panamanian team.

“The biggest and most serious mistake that FEPAFUT could make would be to ‘try or get’ to renew Danish Thomas Christiansen. The failure towards Qatar 2022 has no name. You should look for a proven and experienced technician, not a novice. It was great… Point and ball”, he stated.

And he added: “Let’s look at things cold. Thomas Christiansen never climbed the hill. The nice game did not help. Point”.

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In Costa Rica they put “Chepe Bomba” back in his place and the Panamanian presenter answered them