In business, Real Madrid win for almost 100 million against Liverpool

In 2020/2021, the club led by Florentino Pérez entered 640 million euros, 7% less than in the same previous period, weighed down by the start of the pandemic

In the field, they send the Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti, the speed of Mohamed Salah, the aim of Karim Benzema, the saves of Thibaut Courtois and the captaincy of Virgil Van Dijk, but in the offices, Real Madrid have no rival. Los Blancos’ commercial income exceeds by almost 100 million euros that of a Liverpool that still does not get all the possible economic revenue from its sporting success.

While Real Madrid has increased its commercial income, based on sponsorships and the sale of ‘merchandising’ by 140% in the last ten years, Liverpool is still lagging behind those of Chamartín, despite having reached the final of the maximum continental competition in three of the last five years.

In the 2020/2021 financial year, the club led by Florentino Perez entered 640 million euros, 7% less than in the same previous period, weighed down above all by the start of the pandemic. However, according to data from Deloitte, commercial income did not suffer too much and only fell from 360 million in 2019/2020 to 322 million in 2020/2021. The other large part of the cake is completed by television income, which amounts to 310 million, and match day income, which stood at 8.6 million for games played behind closed doors.

In the case of Liverpool, seventh team in the Deloitte table (Madrid is second, behind Manchester City), the monetary injection for the year was 550 million, of which 303 came from television agreements. It should be remembered that the premier league It has the most powerful agreement in the big leagues and sells its rights for 5,500 million euros. In spite of this, the televisions distribute practically the same to Madrid Y Liverpool, even standing out a little the Spanish club, which is ahead by seven million. The same happens in the income per game, where the accounts are even.

However, the difference comes in the commercial section. Here Real Madrid scores with an advantage of 84 million over the English, who collected 238 million in sponsorships last season.

The English have among their biggest supporters the AXA insurance company, which gives its name to the new ‘Reds’ training camp in Kirkby, the Expedia travel agency, which injects about 2.2 million pounds into the ‘Pool’ per season per appearing on its sleeves, Carlsberg, who no longer sponsors the shirt but is the Premier’s longest-standing partner with a 30-year partnership with Liverpool, EA Sports, Mauritius and Nivea, among many others. In total 24 sponsors, which also includes the concert promoter Live Nation, which organizes concerts at Anfield.

Liverpool’s stadium is another source of income, once the season is over, and will host, in a few days, the Rolling Stones concert in the city, accompanied by Echo And The Bunnymen.

The ‘Reds’ have room for improvement in the offices and that is why they are already negotiating a new ‘sponsor’ for their shirt. The current one, the Standard Chartered bank, contributes about 46 million euros per year. Given the success and expiration of this business -it was signed in 2018-, Liverpool hopes to be able to double the proceeds.

With this it would resemble a Real Madrid that bases its economic success on Adidas, a sponsor since 1998, and Fly Emirates, which pays 70 million annually to appear in the white shirt. Madrid has 14 commercial partners, such as Coca Cola, Mahou, Hankook, Volkswagen and Nivea.

In addition, it has just added a new boost to its coffers, with the agreement with the companies Sixth Street and Legends, which will be in charge of exploiting the new Santiago Bernabéu in terms of leisure. This will mean about 360 million more for Chamartín’s pockets.

A new contract that aims to widen the economic differences of the Madrid with the rest of the European clubs, while Liverpool looks for ways to limit the disadvantage with the elite. The next step for it, win on Saturday.

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In business, Real Madrid win for almost 100 million against Liverpool