“I’m happy at Atleti, but anything can happen in football”

He comes to attend Ace on a scooter. With his perfect bangs, he looks like a freshly graduated teenager. Marcos Llorente (Madrid, 1995) speaks with maturity and does not shy away from the debate. He believes that Spain can go very far because it has shown that if it develops its football it can beat anyone. He is very happy at Atlético, but now he only thinks about the National Team.

Were you surprised to be a substitute in the decisive match against Slovakia?

He had played the first two games, but here every player who is here deserves to play because if he is here it is because he has had a great season with his club. Any of us who are can go out and can do it very well as it was seen. My philosophy is that in every game anything can happen, as experience tells me, even though I’m 26 years old, anything can happen in football. I take it as that in each game I can be a starter or I can be a substitute.

But the fans already see him start with Spain …

I love that people think like that, but this does not depend on the people. The coach is the one who decides, the one who puts those who believe that they are going to help the game more and you have to accept it and keep working.

Why are you in the National Team, because you play as a right back or because you play as a midfielder?

I am here because the coach, who is the one who makes the list, has decided that I am here and, in addition, he has decided that I am here as a winger. In the call I came out as a winger, all the matches with the National Team I have played as a winger. In that sense there is no doubt, at least for me.

England have called up Trippier as a winger …

You are the ones who have more doubts, you think that I could play higher. I have played in my life in many places and I could do it in several. If I am in the field, I am happy. I’ve been playing full-back in all the games, he put me in the full-back squad and I don’t have any kind of problem in continuing to play there.

The one who put him in his place was Simeone.

Simeone is the coach of Club Atlético de Madrid and here I am in the National Team, there is a different coach, a different idea of ​​the game and different teammates. Every coach has an idea about the players. As there is a boss who decides, we have no choice but to always accept what he decides.

Azpilicueta has played a great game, in his place, so now Marcos Llorente would be a substitute?

Again it is up to the coach to decide the eleven that are going to start the next game and I continue with the same thought as before, to keep working and for the coach to decide. And if it does not put me, that is not for being with a long face or stopping working as before. I’m still the same.

He is asked to play in the middle because he is the Spanish midfielder with the most goals (11 goals and 12 assists) and Spain is missing a goal.

I understand what you think, but people can already say mass because the coach decides.

Luis Enrique already said at a press conference that he could put him in the middle.

He knows me and has seen me all season, he knows that I can play both on the inside, as on the wing, as well as on the side. The coach decides regardless of what is said.

It is as if France puts Kanté on the side.

If his coach decides that way… I don’t know if Kanté has played as a winger at all, I have played as a winger for Atleti a few games. In the end Kanté has never played as a winger in his national team and I have played all the games here as a winger.

It is a tradition of the Llorente, his father, his uncle Julio have played side, his uncle Toñín who was a point guard, has played forward.

When we are in the field we want to participate and help.

Differences between Simeone and Luis Enrique, two of the best coaches in the world.

They are quite different. Luis has his 1-4-3-3 very worked, he has very clear ideas, of what he wants from each player and each position. The Cholo varies more depending on the players who are in good shape at the time, he has several lineups that he can work with. It has been seen that we have changed formation many times and we have adapted to the players who are at that moment very well. They are two different coaches, both very good and I am delighted to be able to learn from them.

Does Simeone play more depending on the rival than Luis Enrique?

Luis, it doesn’t matter which rival you face, it doesn’t matter if it’s minute one or 85, he always asks us to do the same thing at all times, that with the ball and without the ball we continue to work the same way. In that sense he is very demanding and very strict.

You were with Modric in Madrid, could you learn from Luka in that position?

He is a great player and you can learn a lot from him. He has a lot of experience and has shown a lot. When he was with Modric, I learned a lot. Besides, he is a great person. Let’s hope he doesn’t have his best day against us.

It was said that Benítez asked you not to give it to the outside, is that correct?

I have no idea if that was true. What I do know is that Modric hits him with the exterior as if he had an interior there. I don’t think anyone dares tell him to never hit that part of his foot because he does it wonderfully.

What advice do you get from your father and your uncle Julio, who have been footballers? What about the debate that he plays as a winger?

We have not discussed the issue. When you grow up, the advice goes down every time. In the Selection I have not received any advice. They know that I am a boy who knows how to face things very well, that I have already suffered many things and experiences like that and that I do not need any type of advice.

What do you think of the European Championship in Spain? How far can you go?

We can go as far as we want. It has been shown that this team has a football that can take them very far. In the first two games we got stuck a bit with the goal, but we have already seen that we are capable of creating many chances, even for opponents who are locked in, which is very difficult to create danger for them. We have done it and we lacked effectiveness in the first two games and in the last we had it, it was a good victory. We already think of Croatia.

What did you think when you saw Adama on the side for Azpilicueta?

Nothing. I had gone out to warm up. I didn’t realize that Azpi was carrying a bit of the twin.

You have had offers to leave Atleti and you are comfortable, is that saying a lot that you want to retire at Atleti?

I have many years left. My idea is to continue, I’m fine, I’m happy at Atlético de Madrid. We have had a great season winning the League. Anything can happen in football, but I don’t think about that kind of thing. I am happy and now I am with the National Team.

Were you negotiating the renewal for your great performance?

There were conversations a long time ago, it is true, but nothing happened and the negotiation was not completed. I have no problem and whatever has to happen.

How do you see that there are no Real Madrid players in the National Team? Rivals see it strange.

I don’t know if it’s weird. It is something that has not happened many times. The circumstance has happened thus, the coach has decided that no player of that team was to come here and it is not something that happens often.

And now Spain can face all the madridistas who are in the Eurocup.

I had not noticed. It does not affect us at all. Madrid is a great club with great players who go to the National Team.

Can you take your famous bed, your Hogo sleep system, to Copenhagen and then later?

That would be too much of a hassle. Enough that we have managed to have the bed here. It is wonderful because we have spent many days in Las Rozas and when I am away I can feel it. Here I have been able to rest in my bed.

How do you see the travel plan, that if it is won, they will not return to Las Rozas?

It has been changed because they were many hours of flight. To think about that, first you have to win the next day and then everything else is organized.

In the contracts at the time of your father it said that they could not fight, they could not ski, they could not ride a motorcycle … and now in the National Team they go with scooters!

Scooters are limited, we cannot go very fast so there is no scare. That part I do not look at in the contracts. It will continue to put those clauses, but I have not skied in my life.

And bullfighting?

I can’t even think of it, even if it didn’t appear in the contract.

So he won’t fight like Ramos if Spain wins?

That for others.

How do you follow your diet at the Selection buffet?

Like sweet potato or potato, as carbohydrates, and then protein, whatever there is, meat, chicken or fish, and then there is a salad buffet or grilled vegetables. We always talk to the nutritionist and she asks you if you need anything. It is wonderful because they adapt to you and put whatever you want. As if it were in my house.

And to drink, Coca Cola?

It’s been a long time since I had Coca Cola or any such soda.

Have you created a beverage brand?

Yes. It is a Kombucha, a healthy drink. Kombucha is a healthy mushroom for our body and is an option for those who do not want to drink that type of soft drink, who can have a healthy drink with a rich flavor.