Ignacio Ambriz, about DT from Mexico: “I don’t like it when it is said that the Mexican is not ready, in my case he can refute anyone”

Ignacio Ambriz also pointed out that he does not have a project prepared in case the FMF calls him, but he would like the position in the future.

The coach of Toluca, Ignacio Ambrizpointed out that the next technician of the Mexican team He must be of the same nationality, which is not to his liking when it is mentioned that his compatriots are not prepared to face the position and he stressed that around the national team “there are many things that are not right”.

“I would like it to be a Mexican. There are capable people and michael herrerawho has declared that he was wrong in a moment that was more personal than sporting, is a capable guy (…) he is one of the strongest candidates you can have Mexico. then there is Jaime Lozanowho has done a great job and would perfectly know this great group of players that has been coming out. Victor Vucetich, who has been ruled out in that regard, but for me he is a great coach who did not do well at the time”, “I am focused on Toluca, I have a great commitment to Don Valentín Diez. When I was champion with León, the opportunities opened up more. I would like to fight to achieve it, but before that there are things first.”

“I don’t like it being said that the Mexican is not ready; in my case they are making a mistake.Jaime Lozano not ready? Was he third place in Tokyo 2020 by chance? Louis Perez He spent four years living in Spain and then had a failure with the Mexican team. Who doesn’t fail? He who does not try fails (…) Why does the Mexican always manage to put out the fire? I had a call with Javier Aguirre, who has caught him in two appearances because things did not work out. Where do we want to go? He has to start at the top; we have to lay foundations. In the end, all the coaches, Mexican or foreign, have not passed the fourth game,” he said in an interview for La Octava Sports.

In addition, he clarified that he does not have a project in case the Mexican Soccer Federation knock on their doors, but that he would like to lead the national team in the future, and he invited the entity to reflect on what is being done at different levels.

“Nothing. I have not had any project prepared. I am very busy with what I want to do in Toluca and I would like to fulfill them, but I will only fulfill them if I have good results. That if I am prepared or not, that I have a personality or not, that I meet the profile or not, that for me is secondary. There is no clause, but that does not worry me. It is a moment in which everyone has to dig their heads to think about what we can contribute to say that Mexico can compete with anyone.”

“The people of FMF must think that they are also making a mistake. That they decide the coach that they decide is the support of those of us who work in soccer, the press, the managers, team owners, players and we all put on the jacket,” he added.

By last, Ignacio Ambriz pondered on what awaits Mexico heading to the World Cup 2026in which he will host along with the United States and Canada, in addition to showing annoyance for not making self-criticism from various fronts.

“We are going to have cool matches and now who is going to want to play against us when everyone is going to be fighting for the eliminatory round? Then, the coach, tell me, that after a friendly match against Guatemala we shouldn’t start with the fact that it wasn’t the right one, or we have to kick him out because, where will the process end up?”

“It makes me angry that things don’t work out. We are 120 million Mexicans and we are not capable of getting full-backs, center-backs, contentions. Or that I don’t give young people more opportunity. Why not make a self-criticism?” concluded.

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Ignacio Ambriz, about DT from Mexico: “I don’t like it when it is said that the Mexican is not ready, in my case he can refute anyone”