“If they don’t sell me, I won’t play anymore”: the Argentine pass market lacks money and has plenty of rudeness from footballers in rebellion

The brothers Oscar and & # xc1; ngel Romero last night, when they arrived at the Kempes stadium, in C & # xf3; rdoba. They had an argument with Monarriz at halftime and were replaced

San Lorenzo Press

There is a trend that is increasing in Argentine club footballers. Many want to leave, they are rebellious. It already seems that the contract, the sentiment or the pursuit of glory does not matter. And that is especially noticeable, paradoxically, in the greats, where before the youths fervently wanted to have a place and those who played in other teams (and even in other countries in the region) aspired enraptured to reach that window. Then, inside the clubs, the “if they don’t sell me, I don’t play anymore” became normal.

Oscar and & # xc1; ngel Romero, two brothers who meet in San Lorenzo, with their heads elsewhere.


Oscar and Ángel Romero, two brothers who coincide in San Lorenzo, with their heads elsewhere.

The Romero brothers, Oscar and Ángel, It seems that they were racing to leave San Lorenzo in light of the latest attitudes, even more worrying than those that set the locker room on fire at the beginning of the year, when some of the colleagues they confronted emigrated and Mariano Soso left his place. as a coach. Now Paolo Montero, who succeeded him in office, glimpses them reluctantly and they were marginalized from the starting team for the match with Argentinos Juniors, for the seventh date of the Professional League.

Meanwhile, the acting president, Horacio Arreceygor, already had a talk with them hours before the 2-0 fall against Talleres in Córdoba, the night that those close to the Cyclone with the privilege of entering the stadium made themselves heard with toughness against the team. Arreceygor warned them that If your financial claims for the new bond do not drop, it would be best if you and your representative look for a way out and not the renewal of the contract.

After being removed from the San Lorenzo squad, Juan Ram & # xed; rez ended & # xf3; changing teams in the middle of the tournament and joined & # xf3; to Boca.

Twitter @BocaJrsOficial

After being removed from the San Lorenzo squad, Juan Ramírez ended up changing teams in the middle of the tournament and joined Boca. (Twitter @ BocaJrsOficial /)

San Lorenzo already lived a rudeness. Was that of Juan Ramirez, who moved away in the blink of an eye at the call of Juan Román Riquelme to join Boca, as it ended up happening. The hitch rejected the call to play against Arsenal at the beginning of the championship and was immediately separated from the group, training separately. He was never part of the team again. After 10 days, he was presented to the xeneize entity.

The Ribera club took this medicine in the current administration. The most recent case is Sebastian Villa, that he went to Colombia, with a Boca-River tie for the Argentine Cup right under his nose. Due to sporting, economic and personal situations, he intends to go and play abroad, although the vice president and head of the Soccer Council publicly emphasized that “he is the best Argentine soccer player”.

Considered a key piece in the spine in most of the extinct cycle of Miguel Ángel Russo, even despite a legal case arising from a complaint of gender violence by his former partner, The Colombian is more dazzled by the offer of Bruges, from Belgium, than by words, although he has a contract until December 31, 2024, a bond extended just six months ago.

“I want to clarify that it was due to a family issue, the health of my mother in this case, who today, thank God, is feeling better every day. This makes me very happy and much calmer ”, he defended himself through social networks. The truth is that he did not return to the country, President Jorge Amor Ameal stated that “I should apologize” And the relationship was further strained with a statement released by TNT Sports: “If I have to drive an UBER, I’m going to do it, but I’m leaving Boca.” The facts are what speak.

Sebasti & # xe1; n Villa did not return & # xf3; to put on the Boca jersey after the elimination of the team in the Copa Libertadores.


Sebastián Villa did not put on the Boca shirt again after the elimination of the team in the Copa Libertadores. (GUILHERME DIONIZIO /)

The extremes have given Boca headaches. Cristian Pavon He went through a similar stage, delaying his return after passing through the United States, while trying to find another more friendly course for his monetary and football ambitions. Boca could not add him to the list in good faith in a key stage of the previous Copa Libertadores and came to intimate him to attend training on January 1, after fulfilling the loan with the Los Angeles Galaxy, of the MLS. He returned only in March, after undergoing arthroscopy. Over time, all the wounds appear to have healed.

Agustin Almendra He was one of the juveniles who had earned a place, but the pandemic misaligned the planets. Last year he was one of the first infected with Covid on campus, he missed the first post-quarantine practices and he spent three months without training after not reaching an agreement to be transferred.

That ended up relegating him in the starting lineup and in the consideration of Russo. “We speak to Almendra as parents: it is your path, your opportunity, Boca covers you, loves you, wants the best for you. He does not seem to feel that same attachment to the institution. We cannot cross his illusion of going to Europe, “he said. Jorge Bermúdez, another member of the Council, at that time.

His desire to emigrate generated short circuits, but the club was careful to go beyond words so as not to devalue one of its jewels, currently again polishing it to display it.

Lucas Pratto and Marcelo Gallardo, a relationship that was diluted & # xf3; and gener & # xf3; the departure of the striker in River Plate.

Marcelo endelli

Lucas Pratto and Marcelo Gallardo, a relationship that was diluted and caused the striker to move away from River Plate. (Marcelo Endelli /)

In River, of Lucas Pratto and Rafael Santos Borré only memories remained. El Oso grabbed his things and went to the Netherlands days before playing a superclassic, with only a few minutes in Marcelo Gallardo’s base structure.

Hired for € 13 million at the beginning of 2018, he felt forgotten, disappointed and hurt in 2020, and when his loan with Feyenoord ended, which he did not use the option to buy, He returned to the millionaire set to disassociate himself. The exodus was a solution, at the age of 33 and in the final stage of the rehabilitation of a fibula fracture. That outing last year created a rift that never closed.

The Colombian’s was a friendly farewell, beyond the fact that the DT wanted to keep the forward for the rest of the Copa Libertadores and could not. Rafa left the club in July for Germany’s Eintracht Frankfurt. He was free. There was no possible plan to retain him.

The lost of Alan Franco was the chronicle of an exit announced in Independiente, which ended up selling it to the Atlanta United. He flirted with some local teams, including Boca, but last March he finally packed the United States. “This step I was waiting for a long time,” he confessed, openly

After several shorts and expressing his desire to leave Independiente, Alan Franco left & # xf3; the club and went to MLS.


After several shorts and expressing his desire to leave Independiente, Alan Franco left the club and went to MLS.

After the 2017 Copa Sudamericana title, it was always felt more outside than inside. Already last year, the defender had not been pleased that the institution rejected a proposal from Dinamo Zagreb. He refused to train in the middle of virtual practices that the team was developing and exerted pressure. Jorge Burruchaga was still manager, who explained: “Croatia’s offer for Independiente was not good and it was decided by the president (Hugo Moyano).”

The footballer’s representative, simultaneously, maintained that it was “unbeatable”, after the purchase of 50% of the Los Angeles Galaxy pass was not accepted months before. In those days, Gastón Silva and Cecilio Domínguez were considered free for lack of payment.

Far from the noise of the glittering additions that are expected in each transfer market, what dominates the panorama now is the rudeness when the tournaments are in full swing.

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