‘I don’t trust you anymore, you can go’; This is how Pep got Márquez out of Barcelona

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Seven brilliant years in Barcelona full of titles that could well be arguments to consider him the best Mexican soccer player in history, but that Pep Guardiola cared little at the time, because the coach did not respect the “hierarchy” to Rafael Marquez after an injury and on his return he found himself displaced from the team.

On his recent visit to the Spanish program The beach bar, the historic captain of the Mexican National Team in five World Cups revealed how was the last talk with Guardiola, in which he understood that he no longer had a place at Barça, from where he left in the summer of 2010 to MLS.

“I was injured in a Champions semi-final against Chelsea in 2009, the year the Sextete was won. I was a starter, but when I returned from the injury, Pep stopped taking me into accountHe would take me to the games and send me to the rostrum, “recalled the Kaiser.

“That began to despair because my winning mentality of always playing and succeeding did not allow me to know myself on the bench or in the stands. At the time talk to Guardiola and he told me that he trusted others, that if I wanted to leave I wouldI had the doors open and I left, “he added.

‘Guardiola is the best of all’

Despite that chapter, Rafa’s concept of Pep does not change Not at all because, while he highlighted the influence that Ricardo La Volpe had on him in his time as a footballer, he affirmed that no one comes close to the mythical Spanish helmsman who is at Manchester City today.

For me Guardiola is the best of all because obviously he has a lot of idea about football, but above all because he works on it. Every time he is in a field, he gives his best so that things turn out the way you want, he is a perfectionist and that makes him different from others“, said.

‘Laporta was right, not even Messi is above Barcelona’

Speaking of controversial departures from the Blaugrana club, probably none more resented by the fans than Lionel Messi, but Márquez Álvarez agreed with the position of the current president.

“Things as they were all surprised us, but if Laporta is right about something, it is that no one is above the club. Yes, Messi has given a lot to Barcelona and Barça also to LeoWe all wanted to see him finish his career there but he couldn’t, now it’s turning the page. “

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‘I don’t trust you anymore, you can go’; This is how Pep got Márquez out of Barcelona