How much does it cost? Colo Colo puts a price on America for Pablo Solari

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Yes America wants to sign Pablo Solari from Colo Coloapparently they already know what they should do economically speaking because from Chile there is information regarding the transfer fee of the 21-year-old Argentine winger, who only recently returned to training with his club after “going on strike” for a friendly.

Chain TNT Sports Chile informs this Monday that the directive of the Cacique has already established a official price for Solariwho is one of the most valuable assets of the workforce, which is why they have defined that America must pay 4 million dollars and not one less, this in reference to the first offer that did not leave them satisfied.

Let us remember that it was only on June 10 that Alejandro Zúñiga, a member of the Colo Colo board of directors, reported that they had received a proposal from the Americanists, but they rejected it because they considered it insufficient. According to the media of that nation, the money that the Mexicans put on the table was 3.6 million.

“The offer was not what was expected, but I am of the idea that if a player wants to leave, he has to leave, because it is not to have him dissatisfied either. In addition, the money that is handled in other markets is very different from Chile. It is obvious that he wants to leave,” said Zúñiga at the time.

As a result of the intransigent attitude of the Chilean directive, the footballer himself refused to travel with the club for a friendly match against the Argentinian Atlético Atlanta, seeking to put pressure so that the negotiations are reactivatedalthough they are not new because since the times of Santiago Solari in Coapa his name appeared on the table.

#OutBathrooms; they demand reinforcements in Coapa

With the passing of the days the discontent of the Americanist fans grows towards your directive, punctually with Santiago Baños for the lack of signings ahead of the 2022 Opening, which will start on the first day of July. The followers accuse the hierarchs of being “miserable” in their economic positions and they regret that what one day identified the Eagles as their ability to hire great talents, today they want to “haggle” with elements without so much profile.

Jûrgen Damm would be the first player to arrive as a reinforcement for the next semester, since he is in the preseason and there are small details that would separate the Mexican from being officially announced in Coapa, despite having practically a year without activity.

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How much does it cost? Colo Colo puts a price on America for Pablo Solari