How much do you know about the technology applied today in football?

(Credit: AFA-FTI press)
(Credit: AFA-FTI press)

For decades, different technological tools have accompanied sport. The hawk’s eye, the repetition of plays up to different instruments that collaborate with the performance of the athletes. In this sense, the new digital era proposes state-of-the-art devices that enhance the performance of athletes, accompany the work of referees and help clubs to improve their training.

The incorporation of technology offers the possibility of knowing all the athlete’s activity: from his heart rate, temperature, steps, routes, passes, impacts, speeds, among many other technical and tactical data.

Here is a trivia game to discover how much you know about technology applied to football:

How the platform works with e-learning technology

In recent years, AFA-FTI developed an innovative technological platform in which both coaches, athletes and family members can know the performance of the footballer. Using metrics and statistics, professionals analyze passes, shots on goal, tours, among other activities that have been carried out during training.

The proposal works through two sensors that are placed on the foot of the footballer. After the class, the athlete will be able to know their statistics while their coach will be able to review the information, and consequently, apply the most appropriate methodology.

In addition, the information provided by the software is also qualitative, since athletes will be able to rate topics such as social integration, teamwork and friendship through stars. Finally, the young people will be able to share with their families different videos related to the practices, and little by little, begin to portray those memorable plays while they go through part of the history of Argentine soccer.